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Winter travel is a great time to visit snowy destinations or escape the cold to visit somewhere hot!

“One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things"

Henry Miller

Ski or Snowboard

Cool off in a Hot way by visiting a Winter Wonderland Ski Resort in the US, Canada, or Europe

Winter Cruises

Cruise through the Holidays or visit a European Christmas Market during one of our favorite times to cruise

Adult Winter Travel

Escape to a magical destination where you and your significant other can snuggle and get warm!

Winter Travel Ideas

Whether you want to cool down or warm up, Fox Travel has some great tour ideas for you.

Perfect Hot Winter Travel

Cool down or heat things up this winter with the perfect winter travel vacation for you. Check out our favorite winter travel getaways from Skiing to Cruising, land tours or adult only vacations, Fox Travel has you covered for all your winter travel needs.

Cool Things Down

In the winter, do you like to actually experience winter? If you do, that's why Fox Travel has come up with some amazing winter destinations just for you! From Skiing and Snowboarding destinations to Winter cold and warm ocean cruises, European river cruises to land tours and more!

Another idea is to visit a city that you've already been to get a new and different perspective. Cities like Paris or London are going to be less popular during the winter months, so both air and hotel pricing will be lower, and you'll get some amazing pictures.

Heat Things Up!

If you are the type that likes the heat and wants to escape the cooler winter temperatures, then these destinations are for you. Click on the links above under the Cruises, Adult Winter Travel, or Winter Tours for some great ideas to heat you up as the weather cools down.


With Hot Winter Travel, you can be as carefree as you desire. So let’s have some fun!

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