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Escape on the Emerald Princess for a 7 night Alaska Inside Passage Cruise

Princess Alaska Cruise

Why do Princess to Alaska?

Princess Cruise Line has been in Alaska for more than 35 years. They are the leader in Family cruises to Alaska with more Balconies and anyone else in the area. Seeing the Glaciers and the animals from your balconies while sipping hot chocolate with my girls is a memory I will always have.

Everyday was a new adventure while on the ship from history to cultural or even famous people makes for the best day in Alaska.

Some of the favorite places to see while on an Alaska cruise are the Totem Poles in Ketchikan or the Deadliest Catch tour where you get to see the different types of crab traps they use on the Aleutian Ballard. We even got to see and octopus. Tracy Arm Fjord on a clear day is just beautiful, Juneau is the little town when the ship arrives, lots to see there especially a chance to fly on to the Mendenhall Glacier in the morning and Whales in the afternoon.

Don't forget the Red Dog Saloon, it is where everyone knows your name. Skagway, is the Gold Rush town, ride on the White Line rail to see how they started looking for the Gold, but the best part was finding the old speak easy that was haunted.

The cruise ends with Victoria, BC, in Canada such a fun town to walk around but taking a tour of the Buchart Gardens is worth the trip. The flowers are so special and change all the time depending on the season you go and what is blooming. Color, Color and Color everywhere.

Some Fun Facts about Alaska

  • Alaska can have a 20 hour of daylight.
  • Salmon, Crab and Herring and Halibut, most comes from Alaska. Note: the best is on the dock in Ketichkan. He serves what he caught that day.
  • Alaska has half of the world's Glaciers, that cover 5% of the state, 100,000 in total. They are just amazing to watch.

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