Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia

Time is so precious. Smart couples steal it at Rendezvous Resort in beautiful St. Lucia

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious
and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia is the home of Stolen time - How often do you have the opportunity to STOP! Modern life gets away from us. Time demands keep us busy. So what can you do?

At Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia we can't make the world stand still but we can offer a much deserved holiday. We can offer time to catch up, a time to find your balance as a couple.

Surrounded by tropical gardens and set on two miles of white sand beach at the edge of the Caribbean Sea in beautiful St. Lucia, how would you use time away – a week, maybe two?

Would it be about intimacy and reconnecting? You decide what this time, stolen from the hustle and bustle would mean to you.

"Stolen Time" brought to you by Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia.

It always pays to book with a travel expert. Unpublished rates, perks and trip insurance are just a few reasons why you get the most for your travel budget large or small. Ask for Alma, Debbie or Marylin.


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Sweet Suites

Choose from luxurious beachfront suites, cottages or garden view rooms that are your private  sanctuary while staying at Rendezvous.

Time for a Tryst

If you are looking for new, refreshing experiences you can share together or just want to have fun discovering St. Lucia, a stolen tryst is ideal for you.

Malabar Beach

Rendezvous Resort has the perfect beach for stolen time. Think, just you and your special someone. Secluded, quiet, and oh so romantic, Malabar beach is waiting...for you.