Live Life To The Fullest

Party like a rockstar on the beach or relax like a yogi on Virgin Voyages:  Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady

“To say the spirit of adventure has had a positive impact on my life would be an understatement.”

Richard Branson 

The Valiant Lady

Ahoy Sailor! All aboard the most exciting lady at sea, Virgin Voyages' Valiant Lady. A 24/7 festival where tranquility meets curiosity with no kids, no buffets, and no limits.

The Suite Life

Come on Rock Star and enjoy the Suite Life. Transform your room whether you are an Insider to a RockStar Suite. Set the mood with customized lighting in rooms built for solo to a foursome group.

Be An Extra

Play all day and party all night on board the Valiant Lady. From off-off Broadway shows to sweet DJ's, exotic ports of call to scrumptious dining. Or to really do something unique, get inked at sea!

Check out and Sea Virgin Voyages, Valiant Lady

Virgin Voyages - Our First Fox Travel Group Cruise June 12-19, 2022

The cruise line will have three sister ships coming and it's committed to a net-zero carbon future with assurances there are absolutely no health issues aboard the ships. They have elevated protocols in place as they continue to put our well-being first. This is a once in a lifetime launch and a once in a lifetime customer experience.

The wait will be worth it to sail on this new adults-only cruise line. From Caribbean or Mediterranean sailings the sun-filled mornings to late nights under the stars. Gastronomic delights and beautiful sights the choice is yours. Get ready to set sail the Virgin way.

4 to 5-day Caribbean sailings from Miami, FL. Explore the waterfalls of Puerto Plata. Discover ancient ruins in Costa Maya or lose yourself in the famous sunset of Key West. All voyages will include a full day at Virgin's private Beach Club in Bimini, Bahamas.

7 night Mediterranean sailings round-trip from Barcelona. Visit gems like Monte Carlo, Ajaccio, Toulon and Marseille in France or Palma de Mallorca and Malaga in Spain. These itineraries typically sailed by super-yachts, our Sailors will explore Tuscany or visit Olbia and Cagliari in Italy's Sardinian Island, all itineraries stay longer in port for extended exploration time and spend a magical night in IBIZA.

Join our Fox Travel's escorted group trip with Host Couple Marylin and Gus - June 12-19, 2022

7 nights - Round-trip from Barcelona:     Visiting ports of call: Marseille, Monte Carlo, Olbia and OVERNIGHT stay at Ibiza.

Join Fox Travel on the Valiant Lady on June 12-19, 2022 - The Irresistible Med.
These Mediterranean itineraries are typically sailed only by super-yachts. With Virgin Voyages enjoy these ports with an extended exploration time and a magical night in IBIZA.
This escorted group trip will be lead by our Host Couple Gus and Marylin.  Call or email to request a trip quote.
Additional information. Fill out the form below or contact us here:  Call or email Marylin:  (281) 363-0808 or (800) 256-2128 or

*See "Sailing Dates and Itineraries" below for more destinations and cruise dates.

 Get A Cabin

More Details ans Sample Itineraries from Miami and Barcelona

Take everything you knew about cruising and toss it overboard! Virgin Voyages has just raised the bar for adult-only entertainment at sea. This exciting new cruise line is everything we have been waiting for and more. There is finally a place that can transform from being as relaxing as you want, to being able to party like a rockstar 24/7. We are talking about Sir Richard Branson here, would you expect anything less?  Did we mention this new cruise line is for adult singles and couples?

Wanting to party? No problem! Head on over to the Manor, layered with a moody and sexy, 70's punk vibe, for some sweet tunes played by some of the best DJ's in the world. Keep up the fun with a drag show you won't want to miss. Or party at the pool during the day and soak up the rays.

Vacations aren't just for sightseeing, partying, and eating, although sometimes they are. They are also for getting back to you. Stop stressing about everyday life and work. Breathe and sweat and stretch and relax. Do Yoga on a deck overlooking the ocean, take a jog on The Runway jogging track, or workout at the B-Complex Gym. Relax in the Redemption Spa or at the Gym and Tonic serenity zone.

Get Inked! That's right! Get a tattoo at sea to commemorate your amazing vacation at the Squid Ink tattoo parlor, the first of its kind.

Be bold at the top free sunning area!

With a Virgin Voyages Cruise, you can be as carefree as you desire. So let’s have some fun!

Call our Travel Advisers today at (281) 363-0808 or 800-256-2128 to be one of the first to book.  Fill out the Quote Request form or Contact us here


Sample Itineraries for the fleet departing Miami

Shorter Sailings

5 night sailings

Depart from Miami
Playa del Carmen
The Beach Club at Bimini

4 night sailings:

Depart from Miami
Key West
The Beach Club at Miami

Longer sailings - Starting November 2021

Western Caribbean - 6 nights

Depart from Miami
Ports of Call:
Costa Maya
The Beach Club in Bimini

Eastern Caribbean - 8 nights

Depart from Miami
Ports of Call:
Puerto Playa
San Juan
The Beach Club in Bimini

Holiday Sailing - December 2021

December 18-26, 2021( 8 nights )- Valiant Lady

Depart from Miami
Ports of Call:
Puerto Plata
San Juan
St. Croix
Beach Club in Bimini

December 24-29, 2021 ( 5 nights ) Scarlet Lady

Depart from Miami
Ports of Call:
Puerto Plata
The Beach Club at Bimini

December 26 - January 3, 2021 ( 8 nights ) Valiant Lady

Depart from Miami
Ports of Call:
Puerto Plata
San Juan
The Beach Club in Bimini

December 29 - January 2, 2021 ( 4 nights ) Scarlet Lady

Depart from Miami
Ports of Call:
Key West
The Beach Club of Bimini


Sample Mediterranean Sailings on Valiant Lady starting May 2022

Depart from Barcelona

The Irresistible Med: Toulon, Marina de Carrara, Ajaccio, Cagliari, overnight in Ibiaza
French Daze and Ibizza Night:   Marseille, Monte Carlo, Olbia, overnight in Ibiza
Spanish Obsession: Palma de Mallorca, Gibraltor, Malaga, overnight in Ibiza


Enjoy more information in the tabs below!

We decided the Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady deserved to be built by the best of the best. Their "birth" is in Italy. Inspiration for food, wine and even art is influenced by the romantic flavors of Italy. Virgin Voyages contracted ship-building artists, Fincantieri, to create the unique vision of her talented designers, Creative Collective. Much like the Pygmalion effect, they bring them to life from nothing.

They were conceived in a dockyard in Genoa, over a bottle of fine Italian wine. As tempting as it was, no wine was consumed in the construction of the Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady!

Where did the inspiration for the name, Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady, come from you ask? It was in part, in honor of early Virgin Airlines names f planes, but just as important, it calls attention to the company's commitment to fostering gender equality across Virgin Voyages crews, now and in the future. The mother company notes that females are underrepresented in many roles and leadership positions and plans to give more women these opportunities.

And what about you, the sailors? Fasten your life vests because Virgin Voyages is creating ships where you will have the cruise of a lifetime - hold the guilt. You can enjoy the balance of enjoying the beauty of the earth and being a good steward of it. We would not be surprised to see sailors become repeat cruisers.

The ecology is top of mind as well. Single-use plastic is banned and innovation is the source of energy savings, and ecologically sourced food and products are planned.


The Cruises:       See a sample list below for a variety of itineraries planned.  Bear in mind, they are subject to change without notice.

  • Mayan Sol - Miami, Costa Maya Mexico, The Beach Club (Bimini Bahamas), Miami
  • Dominican Daze - Miami, Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic, The Beach Club (Bimini Bahamas), Miami 
  • Riviera Maya - Miami, Cozumel / Playa del Carmen, The Beach Club (Bimini Bahamas), Miami 
  • Fire and Sunset Soirées (4 Nights) - Miami, Key West, the Beach Club (Bimini Bahamas), Miami 
  • Barcelona and the Irresistible Western Med (7 nights) -Barcelona, Spain, Toulon, Marina di Carrara, Cagliari and overnight in Ibiza

Virgin Voyages Rock Star Suite by Castaways Travel

The Valiant Lady and Scarlet Lady - Top Rock Star Suite

Modern, sleek and techno-savvy, these "smart" living spaces are inspired by luxury yachts and unlike any other cruise line.

Like a transformer, your cabin changes its function at the touch of a button. Life is a breeze for any mood. What the lights to match that mood? Want your Seabed to be a couch for lounging and entertaining? Viola!

Need room for four sleepers? You'll love the "sleeps four" cabins.

Want more info about all the suites and cabins? Download our Valiant Lady Deck Plans with Suite & Cabin locations and descriptions. Click on the image below:

Scarlet Lady Deck Plans


Virgin Voyages massive Rock Star Suite by Castaways Travel

Rock Star Suite - day deck for the 2,147 square foot cabin

Rock Star Suites - Sleeps 2 to 4 | 352 to 2,147 square feet

You know it. You are a rock star. Then enjoy the sumptuous indoor/outdoor spaces that are apartment size, luxury cabins.
And it's not just about the space. These sweet Suites, get you exclusive entry and that personal attention deserving of star quality.

Sea Terrace Suite Scarlet Lady by Castaways Travel

Sea Terrace Suite

Sea Terrace - Sleeps 2 to 4 | 225 to 265 square feet
The first thing you'll notice is the sweeping sea and landscape when you enter this suite. It has its own spot for getting glamorous (or casual) for a busy day onboard. The rainshower has room for two (or more) and the deck is to live for. Hand-woven materials were used for your hammock.

Remember, these cabins want the mood to be perfect, so go all tech crazy and set the perfect lighting with one touch.

Scarlet Lady Sea View Cabin by Castaways Travel

Sea View Cabin with convertible day bed

Sea View - Sleeps 1 to 3 | 130 to 190

Whether you are a solo sailor to two to a crew, our super-sized, convertible beds give you a nice perch to enjoy the full-size porthole inspired window with views to the sea.

Sure, you have to go on deck to get that windblown look, but that's a small price to pay for a snug harbor aboard the Scarlet Lady.

The Insider Cabin on the Scarlet Lady

The Insider - talk about a clever cabin!

Insider - Sleeps 1 to 4 | 105 to 127

For the night owls and the solace seekers, this cabin is for you.

Solo or a crew of four, this clever cabin is designed for you in mind. There is a roomy shower and bath area, mood lighting for day or night and a cozy feel all the time.

For those nightcrawlers (the ship is alive 24 hrs!) and day sleepers, welcome aboard and sleep tight.

Scarlet Lady Rear Deck

The Valiant Lady  and Scarlet Lady, sister ships

Every deck is a work of art. We want our sailors to have all the luxury, all the unique spaces, energetic and soothing, party and gathering places, wellness and pampering without the guilt.

To explore all the mysteries of the decks and the choices in suites and cabins, download The Scarlet Lady Deck Plan by clicking on the image below:

Scarlet Lady Deck Plans

Deck 17 

Scarlet Lady - Deck 17

Crows Nest

Deck 17 -

Deck 16Scarlet Lady - Deck 16

Richard's Rooftop

Deck 16 - VIP Richard's Rooftop

Deck 15

Scarlet Lady - Gym and Tonic

Deck 15 - Gym and Tonic Wellness Zone

Decks 14 through 8 - Cabins

Deck 14 - Scarlet Lady

Scarlet Lady Rock Star Grand Suite by Castaways Travel

Deck 14 - The Granddaddy Rock Star Suite

Scarlet Lady Sea Terrace

Sea Terrace Suite

Scarlet Lady - Insider

Insider for four

Sea Terrace Convertable Bed

Rock Star Bedroom

Scarlet Lady - Sea View Terrace

Sea View Convertable Bed

Deck 7 - So much to be revealed

The Red Room

Deck 6 - More to be revealed 

Deck 6

The Manor Night Club

Deck 5

Pink Agava