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Donna Daniels

Founder and Chief Traveler

We have world-traveled, talented experts on our staff. Each brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion for travel and customer service. Find out why working with a travel expert is the smartest move for getting you the best deal, saving you time with travel planning, and enhancing your adventure with insider tips.

Donna's depth of travel knowledge and personal experience reflects in her training and gives Fox clients more than they pay for and more than they expect! Her staff is second to none.

Meet our team, find out a little about them, and what their clients have to say.



James Bailey

Co-Founder & Chief Traveler

If you're ready to take off on an adventure, Jim and his staff know the world, resorts, cruises (with all the perks of course!) and all the insider info.


Travel & Cruise Expert


Adult Travel Expert


Travel & Tour Expert


Adult Travel Expert


Travel Expert - Manager