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Adult cruises by Fox Travel Texas

Adult Cruises – Explore the 7 Seas Kid Free (Without the Big Price Tag)

By Jim Bailey | Jul 15, 2020

Adult cruises are an excellent getaway for couples, without the added obligation of having to plan activities for the kids. These cruises are a fantastic way to take in the beauty of your natural surroundings, engage in interactive activities, and spend quality time with the one you love. Here are some cruise lines we recommend…

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Adult only vacations by Fox Travel

Adult Only Vacations – 7 Things You Did Not Know

By Jim Bailey | Jun 10, 2020

More and more frequently, we are getting inquiries and bookings for adult-only vacations. Over the years, our Travel Advisors have become pros at fielding questions about adult-only travel.  Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with friends, you’ll find just the right spot for your most memorable vacation. Here are some tips to…

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Fox Travel has been there!

Why Use a Travel Advisor? Here are the Top 10 Reasons!

By Jim Bailey | Jun 7, 2020

Many people want to know, in this day in age, why use a Travel Advisor? Of course, as a travel agency, we would love to have you use our services to book your travel, but we don’t want to take this time to talk about us, we want to talk about how using our services…

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Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2019 by Fox Travel

Top 10 Travel Destinations With Insider Info

By Jim Bailey | May 15, 2020

Planning your next vacation? You’re in luck because American Express Travel revealed the top 10 travel destinations, based on its year-over-year (YOY) proprietary booking data. There is a nice variety whether you are looking for an adventure, a family trip, or a romantic getaway. Whatever “flavor” you enjoy there are amazing spots around the world.…

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Ross Castle, Ireland by Fox Travel Texas

National Travel and Tourism Week – 2020

By Marylin Rendon | May 6, 2020

In the Spirit of Travel, we want to honor YOU. Travel opens our hearts, broadens our minds, and fills our life with stories to tell.  As we make changes to our present travel plans.  Now you will have even more motivation to plan the vacation of your dreams! Dream Now Travel Later – Let’s keep…

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Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Carnival Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Galveston

By Alma Lee | Apr 30, 2020

Eastern Caribbean Cruise with Carnival Oh, the Places You Will Go… Let Fox Trave book an upcoming cruise out of Galveston or other posts for glorious days on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise to explore Key West, Freeport, and Nassau.  You will instantly know that this is the right cruise for you and your whole family.…

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Adult Only Vacations for Couples – Mild, Spicy, Even HOT Travel Options

By Jim Bailey | Oct 14, 2019

Adult vacations for couples are a perfect time to live a little. Shoot…it’s always time to live a little. If you wait, one day you may look back and ask yourself: “Why wasn‘t I a little more adventurous?” Why not have as much fun as possible while you’re here on this big blue, interesting planet?…

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The Top 7 Harry Potter Filming Locations for Fans and Non Fans alike

By Jim Bailey | Aug 9, 2019

We’ve all seen and loved the Harry Potter movies, and we’ve all read and loved the books, but have you experienced the Wizarding World for yourself? If you love Harry Potter, or maybe your kids love Harry Potter, well than this is for you. If you aren’t a fan and are worried you would have…

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cruise now resort later

Cruise Now, Resort Later – Exclusive Promotion with Fox Travel

By Jim Bailey | Aug 8, 2019

You Deserve More than Just a Cruise! Cruise Now, Resort Later All you have to do is: 1) Make a cruise deposit or 2) Make final payment or 3) Pay in full by October 31 and use ANY American Express card issued in the USA for a 7 night or longer cruise anywhere worldwide. Then,…

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