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Adult Only Vacations for Couples – Mild, Spicy, Even HOT Travel Options

By Jim Bailey | Oct 14, 2019

Adult vacations for couples are a perfect time to live a little. Shoot…it’s always time to live a little. If you wait, one day you may look back and ask yourself: “Why wasn‘t I a little more adventurous?” Why not have as much fun as possible while you’re here on this big blue, interesting planet?…

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The Top 7 Harry Potter Filming Locations for Fans and Non Fans alike

By Tahnee McHenry | Aug 9, 2019

We’ve all seen and loved the Harry Potter movies, and we’ve all read and loved the books, but have you experienced the Wizarding World for yourself? If you love Harry Potter, or maybe your kids love Harry Potter, well than this is for you. If you aren’t a fan and are worried you would have…

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cruise now resort later

Cruise Now, Resort Later – Exclusive Promotion with Fox Travel

By Tahnee McHenry | Aug 8, 2019

You Deserve More than Just a Cruise! Cruise Now, Resort Later All you have to do is: 1) Make a cruise deposit or 2) Make final payment or 3) Pay in full by October 31 and use ANY American Express card issued in the USA for a 7 night or longer cruise anywhere worldwide. Then,…

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A Christmas Cruise

What’s New with Fox Travel’s Group Cruises

By Tahnee McHenry | Jun 6, 2019

Fox Travel has several fun group cruises right now for you to choose from. Group cruises tend to get a bad rap. Many people think that a group cruise is a bunch of touristy looking people gathered around a lead with a big sign taking them around. Don’t worry, Fox Travel doesn’t do those types…

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Ireland Travel is Hot Hot Hot – And We’ve Been There!

By Tahnee McHenry | May 7, 2019

Ireland travel right now is hot! Everyone wants to go to the Emerald Isle because of it’s incredible beauty, history, castles, people, and of course beverages! Or maybe you just did an Ancestry DNA kit and you found out your heritage is Irish! There is so much to do and see in Ireland and Northern…

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Best time to book a cruise

Best Time to Book a Cruise – With Insider Tips!

By Tahnee McHenry | Mar 18, 2019

Our Fox Travel cruise advisers get asked when the best time to book a cruise is all the time. We also get plenty of clients calling in to book their special cruise only to find out that it is sold out! Then they are left with trying to find something else, or worse, not taking…

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Best of the Best Awards by Fox Travel

Best of the Best Awards by Fox Travel

By Tahnee McHenry | Mar 11, 2019

Welcome to our Best of the Best Awards. Every year we at Fox Travel send thousands of clients all over the world. With every client, we make sure we fit their trip to their wants, needs, and desires. With 35 years in business, and over 100+ years of experience between the owners and agents, plus…

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Windstar Cruises Reviews

Windstar Cruises Reviews: Sailing Adventure in the South China Sea

By Jim Bailey | Jan 31, 2019

Donna Daniels and Jim Bailey, the owners of Fox Travel, have written this amazing Windstar Cruises review on their South China Sea cruise adventure. Looking for pirates in the Orient…where did they hide their booty – Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo or the Philippines? We hoped to discover their secrets…and have some fun along the way by…

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Ski travel the perfect gift

Top 10 Ski Destinations with Insider Tips

By Jim Bailey | Dec 17, 2018

Top 10 Ski Destinations is for those who love winter and lots of snow, a ski vacation is the best imaginable.  “The U.S. News ranking of the Best Ski Destinations in the USA weighs the most important considerations: accessibility, accommodations, acreage and annual snowfall, along with expert recommendations and readers’ top picks.” Our article compared…

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