Adult Only Vacations – 7 Things You Did Not Know

More and more frequently, we are getting inquiries and bookings for adult-only vacations. Over the years, our Travel Advisors have become pros at fielding questions about adult-only travel.  Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with friends, you’ll find just the right spot for your most memorable vacation. Here are some tips to take the confusion out of adult-only travel.

7 Things You Did Not Know About Adult-Only Vacations:

1. It’s okay to leave the kids behind

We know it can be hard for devoted moms and dads to take a vacation without your children, especially if they’re young or early teens. But waiting years for real “us” time is not exactly a formula for a healthy relationship and staying connected.

We all get caught up in the hustle of balancing work, family, let alone nurturing the most important relationship we have with our spouse or significant other. Parents tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own and pack too much into each day. Think of travel as an opportunity to recharge. Remember, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a happy, energized parent.

Taking the occasional adult vacation, just the two of you, allows you to reconnect and grow your relationship without all the daily distractions. A bonus – your children will see they miss you!

Now, having said that, if your children are very young and you don’t feel that you can leave them behind, several resorts offer children’s areas, childcare, and adult-only areas. Ask any of the Fox Travel Advisors, and they can give you direction on which resorts cater to families, but understand the needs of couples have some time to enjoy alone or with other adult couples. We can fill you in on which resorts feature separate adult areas with adult activities while knowing your kids are having a blast.

Adult only vacations - specialists James and Champagne

Donna and James – Owners of Fox Travel

2.     Adult vacations come in many flavors, some spicier than others

Cruises, all-inclusive resorts, outdoor-centric like hiking, camping (buy 5.56 ammo online from Palmetto State Armory), sailing, and train adventures are just a few of the adult vacations that we book at Fox travel. The “flavor” of the trip often depends on what travelers long for like relaxation, physical activity, freedom from distractions, re-connection, and of course, romance.

In this part of the blog, let’s talk about a particular “flavor” of adult vacations – spicy! You know you’re looking for a little bit of everything stated above, and you want a little more. Maybe more freedom, more passion, more excitement, and adventure. Then you might want to know that several resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico offer au natural sunbathing areas. There is even a five-star, all-inclusive resort in Mexico where guests can be au natural anywhere on the resort grounds.

There is even a five-star, all-inclusive resort in Mexico where guests can be au natural anywhere on the resort grounds.  And it’s your preference: Clothing or a full swimsuit, top optional or clothes free – it’s always your choice to make.  And yes, each of you can choose different levels of dress or undress,  whatever you’re comfort level is.  But we warn you; after the 1st or 2nd day, you’ll turn to each and say: “Why didn’t we discover this ten years ago?” It has an exhilarating and freeing effect.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to resorts. You might want to know that there are cruises each year that are complete ship take over for couples only, some offering clothing-optional and nude sunbathing. In fact, “Nacations” are growing in popularity with billions of dollars in discretionary income spent to travel to resorts and beaches that provide these adventurous travelers destinations. So popular, that this article appeared on CBS online, “Why travel’s latest trend — the ‘nacation’ — is gaining momentum.” At Fox Travel, we specialize in all kinds of travel and can help you navigate all the great choices. You can even use your American Express points to pay for your “Nacation.”

Virgin Voyages recently launched its first cruise ship, the Scarlet Lady, sailing out of the port of Miami. They offer a unique cruising experience on a state-of-the-art ship. You even get to visit their private port of call,  Bimini in The Bahamas. With no children allowed, racy entertainment, a topless sunbathing deck, and cabin configurations that are designed so you can bring friends, it’s a cruise like no other. Our Travel Advisors are booking Virgin Voyages right now.

Many excellent all-inclusive resorts around the world cater to couples only. There are luxury cruises on small ships that offer a unique way to visit beautiful and historical places that often have more mature travelers. European River cruises are very popular with adults of all ages.

Barvao beach in the Dominican Republic Punta Cana

Tropical beaches await!

3.     That adult only vacations are not necessarily the same as romantic travel

There are loads of different reasons for enjoying an adult-only vacation. Learning about history without boring the kids, educating yourself about other cultures, enjoying more physical activity outdoors, pursuing a hobby like scuba diving, or hiking or gathering memories that last a lifetime. These vacations maybe with your special someone, by yourself but you may be traveling with adult friends.

European River cruises are not only luxurious; you immerse yourself in the history, cultures, and architecture of Europe. Europe is the number one travel destination overall; it attracts 40% of worldwide tourism.  Alongside more modern architecture are buildings, built in the 1500 and 1600s. Europe is an excellent destination for walking and bike tours, which gives you time to explore at a slower pace and get lots of exercise or check off a bucket list trip. You’ll also find luxury river cruises in Africa, Egypt, Russia, and Asia, too?   Did you know river voyages are the fastest-growing segment of the cruise market?

Of course, the Caribbean is a particularly popular destination. For active adults, there are so many things to do and to see besides lounging on the beach with a piña colada or a margarita. That tropical cocktail is waiting!

An adult-only vacation that is on a surprising number of people’s bucket lists is African safaris. It’s one thing to see animals in the zoo, but it’s a lifetime experience to see them, and they’re own natural environment. Of course, that could be a family trip as well, suited to older children as the journey is long getting there.

So whether do you want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, climb Machu Picchu in Peru or relax in an overwater bungalow in Bali, Jamaica, St. Lucia or Mexico, or go on an African safari, we can assist because we’ve been there. It’s one thing to see animals in a zoo, but it’s a lifetime experience to see them in their natural environment.

Adult only vacation river cruises

River cruise

4.     The hottest adult only vacations are not always hot

Some of the hottest adult-only vacations may be cool. Cruises to Alaska are our number one requested cruise.

Although there are no cruises that are exclusively for adults in this category, the smaller luxury, all-inclusive voyages rarely have children. Their activities and amenities are more geared to adults. So if magnificent scenery, being pampered, and incredible sea life resonates with you, you will love an Alaskan cruise. For more about cruising for adults, here is our blog on the topic.

A growing segment of adult-only vacations is Canadian and European train vacations. Canada has an exceptional rail system that allows you to travel from one stunningly gorgeous place to another. Other truly upscale, small ships sailing with luxurious amenities during Alaska’s summer season include some of our favorites:  Silver Sea, Seabourn, Regent Cruises, Oceania and Azamara.

Another idea to make your Alaska cruise unforgettable:  Combine a scenic four day/3 night rail adventure on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to the Canadian Rockies with an add-on week’s cruise to Alaska afterward.  Indulge yourselves more and extend your experience with an Alaskan rail adventure from Anchorage to Fairbanks after your cruise.

The Orient Express in Europe is another popular train vacation. We find that people often go with friends on train vacations since they’re so relaxing with incredibly spacious rail coaches.

Adult only vacations - Alaska cruise

Alaskan cruise

5.     The hottest adult-only resorts that you will love

There are adult-only resorts all over the world. Some of these resorts are in the mountains, others are Lakeside, but by far, the most popular are beach locations, especially those with a tropical climate. Many of these resorts are all-inclusive.

At Fox Travel, we are specialists in the preferred resorts we recommend to our clients. We make sure that all of our travelers get the best rates, perks, resort, or spa credits, often only available to travel agents. If you’re thinking of booking a resort that we have had poor feedback about, we will let you know that as well. We know everyone travels on the budget and will provide you with options to fit your budget and your desires.

But not all are equal in terms of the value for the dollars you spend. Chances are if you call us to book an adult-only vacation, it will be at the resort that we have been to or ones that clients have visited and given us their feedback.

In Europe, for example, there are adults-only hotels and resorts in every country. But you’ll find the most significant number of these resorts in the warmer countries. Spain leads the way with most adults-only resorts. There are hotels, resorts, and B&Bs in Greece, Croatia, and Italy, from lavish to charming.

If you’d like to stay in the United States, there is quite a variety of adult resorts depending on whether you want the mountains, the desert or the beach. Unsurprisingly, Miami and the Florida Keys with its tropical climate and turquoise waters are the most popular destinations, followed by California. But the deserts and mountains have their appeal too.

Speaking of tropical, the majority of our bookings are at resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. Let us share some of our favorites. And if you are thinking of traveling for a special occasion, like a destination wedding, anniversary, or vows renewal, each of these resorts is the perfect location with the ideal amenities.

Couples Resorts has four locations in Jamaica. Fox Travel makes many bookings for Couples Resorts for good reason! Each resort is a stunning location with amazing beaches. The resort is all-inclusive, and the service is impeccable. Couples has a flair for creating the ultimate romantic environment. One little-known detail is that three of their four resorts have an au natural sunbathing area, which is a surprisingly popular draw.

Our Travel Advisors are graduates of the resort’s program to become “Couples Certified”. They know the properties, and they’ve been there for site visits.

Couples Resort - Adult only resorts

Couples Resort

The Karisma Resort group has five incredible yet unique resorts on the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

1. Karisma’s Maroma Beach resort is on one of the gorgeous stretches of beach in all of Mexico.  Did you know Travel Channel chose Maroma beach #1 in the world?  But what makes this resort extra special is that they are the first to have overwater bungalows in the Western hemisphere – the Palafitos by Maroma.

2. A bit further south, and closer to Tulum, is Karisma’s most popular resort, the El Dorado Royale and the very private Casita Royal. It is an adults-only paradise where you are encouraged to slow down and savor each moment of your stay. You’ll find world-class chefs, gourmet restaurants, your very own concierges, and bars that pour only from the top shelf.

3. Karisma’s Hidden Beach Resort, Karisma’s Hidden Beach Resort is a 5-star 43 suite boutique resort with all the amenities you enjoy at their other resorts with a unique twist. It is next door to El Dorado Seaside Suites. Talk about a unique adult-only vacation!   Hidden Beach offers a very private clothing-optional environment.  Guests can be clothing-free at all times and in all places on resort grounds, although most guests dress for dinner on-site or visit one of 10 more restaurants at El Dorado, where clothing is required.   And it’s your preference at Hidden Beach: Clothing or a full swimsuit, top optional or clothes-free. It’s always your choice to make.

A bonus:  As a guest at Hidden Beach, you have full use of all facilities, bars, restaurants, and entertainment next door at Seaside Suites. Call one of our Fox Travel Advisor for more information or pricing on this resort.

Karisma has resorts in Jamaica, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and Europe.

Karisma Adult only resorts

Karisma Maroma Beach

Excellence Resorts are adult paradises. They have several all-inclusive luxury resorts in the Caribbean.  Two of their resorts are in Mexico on the Riviera Maya near Cancun. Our favorite is in the Dominican Republic in Punta Cana. The resort is on a 30-mile stretch of a picturesque tropical beach. One of the reasons we love this particular resort is that the surrounding areas are fascinating to explore, and there are many things to do both on land and sea.

Sandals Resorts sprinkled on six different Caribbean islands. Each resort Is a five star, all-inclusive experience like no other. What they each have in common is they are on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sandals have several resorts in Jamaica, including one in Negril. Here you will stay on one of the most beautiful stretches of the famous 7-mile beach where you can even find stretches for nude sunbathing. Jamaica is a very diverse island with waterfalls, rivers, and of course, beaches. Whichever one of their resorts you book throughout the Caribbean, you’ll find many activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, jungle zip lines, river rafting, and even a few rounds of golf.

Of course, there are many other adults-only all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, like Secrets. We’re happy to talk with you about the ones you are considering. We have one more hidden gem to share. Rendezvous Resort. They have only one resort, and it’s on the island of St. Lucia. If you have never been to this stunning island, use the excuse to stay at the Rendezvous Resort. If you are looking for a quiet, intimate location where romance and pampering are found, you will love your St. Lucia vacation. The spot is truly away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Sandals beach - No children options

Sandals Resort

For the younger, edgier crowd, Temptation Resort Cancun, For the young at heart and the younger, edgier crowd, Temptation Resort in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone offers a decidedly adult-only vacation without being over the top, perfect for singles, couples, and triples. Called the “Playground for Grownups,” Temptation caters to a millennial and GenX clientele as well as those who enjoy the vibe at any age. The invigorating, adventurous atmosphere provides guests with endless fun and entertainment like adult games during the day, a huge top-less pool, and theme nights.

Another resort for younger couples is Karisma’s El Dorado Seaside Suites. With a party vibe and innovative tech amenities, millennials and GenX’s love this resort. Give us a call for more information about booking Temptation or Karisma’s El Dorado Seaside Suites with all the perks and benefits a Travel Advisor can provide.

Of course, we know about many other adults-only resorts. We’ll find just the right adult-only vacation with all the benefits of booking with a Travel Advisor. We will also let you know if we’ve had negative feedback on a resort you are considering. To read about more adult-only resorts, read our blog The Top 8 Best Adult Only Resorts here.

Temptation Resort Pool and Beach

6.     The benefits of planning adult only vacations

Relax and recharge – that’s the point of a vacation, right? We all have stress in our lives, and as much as we love our kids, parenting can be one of those stressors. You might even find that taking a break allows you to be a better parent. Modern adult life is hectic. It’s essential to recharge your batteries once in a while. Just the planning process can start your vacation, mainly if we help with the details. Go ahead, get excited!

It can make your relationship stronger – it’s essential to have “couple time” and strengthen your bond, which is ultimately a good thing for your family. Remember how much fun you have when it’s just the two of you, to talk about adult stuff or see an “R” rated movie? Not that you would change anything or a minute, but stepping back in time and focusing only on each other creates time for the intimacy that is so important to your bond.

Uninterrupted social time – whether you’re traveling with your mate or with friends, it’s a real treat not to have to entertain kids and be able to do uninterrupted and adult activities. When is the last time you were entertained vs. providing the entertainment?

Gramma and Grandpa time – if you’re fortunate enough to have parents nearby, then taking time away just for the two of you, gives her kids or teens time for bonding with their grandparents. What grandparent doesn’t look forward to having grandchildren all to themselves?

It’s Fun – ask yourself, “Is it time for some old fashion fun?”. Sure it’s fun going places with the kids, taking family vacations, and doing kid-related activities. But sometimes it’s good to remind yourself how much fun you have doing adult activities. Fun and relaxation provide balance to your otherwise busy life.

Adult Travel with friends

Adult-only vacations are fun!

7.    That it’s the fastest-growing type of travel

Almost 40% of our website traffic is for our adult-only vacation pages. It’s not that couples and friends have not been traveling without children before; it’s that more adults are actively seeking adult-only experiences.

The number of adults-only resorts has boomed over the past few years to entice couples AND singles looking for relaxation, romance, and even spicy alternatives for vacationing.  Imagine that romantic dinner on a tropical beach with no interruptions while enjoying a glass of wine or a tropical drink. Several resort brands even have clothing-optional or topless sunbathing areas for that “no-tan line” vacation. For singles, most adult resorts (except a few couples-only properties above)  are great options to have fun, meet new friends and engage in getting to know the opposite sex.

The all-inclusive resorts are always looking to come up with unique, moreover the top packages than other resorts. And that is great for you, the traveler. One of the reasons we develop a relationship with the staff and visit each resort is so we can be current on perks, packages, and resort amenities. Plus, Travel Agencies that send travelers get some behind-the-scenes benefits not always available to the public.

At Fox Travel, we’ve experienced an increase in adventure and theme travel as well for adults. There is a vast world out there getting smaller and smaller, and competition for travel dollars makes seeing the world more accessible.

Why Book with Fox Travel?

Well, aside from the fact that we are fun to work with, there are many advantages to working with a travel advisor. We save our customers money and tons of time; we get the rates and perks only available to travel agencies and often resort credits.

A value-added benefit that cost you nothing is Fox Travel is a top 25 American Express Travel associates out of over 700 in the USA.  As an American Express representative associate agency, you can earn exclusive AMEX benefits because you’re dealing with Fox Travel and its professionals with years of experience.  And you can use ANY charge card you prefer for your holiday. These benefits often apply to both cruises AND resort packages, not available anywhere else.   So give us a call, send us an eMail to stop by our office in The Woodlands, Texas, to plan your getaway.

Although online booking offers can appear to be the best deal, usually by the time they’ve unbundled the deal and added exclusions, they are more expensive. The other thing you just can’t beat is we’ve been to every one of the resorts we recommend and have a relationship with the resort managers and owners. Here is a page on our website about The Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent.

So how do you get hold of one of our knowledgeable (and fun) Travel Advisors to talk about an adult-only vacation or family travel? Glad you asked! You can call 800-256-2128 M-F from 9 is to 5:30 pm, email us M-F at or message us seven days a week on Facebook. Remember, If you are an American Express cardholder, ask us about paying with points.

To learn more about Team Fox or our Travel Advisors, visit our team page.

For the book online folks, you can use our Book Online page and still get all the perks of working with a travel advisor!

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