Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia – A Fox Travel Favorite

Dining at Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia

Love is in the air! If you are looking for some “stolen time”, Rendezvous Resort in St. Lucia beckons.  Looking for a tranquil and romantic vacation that you and your sweetheart will remember for years to come? It may be time to visit the Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia. The resort offers a well-deserved getaway from…

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Group Travel – See the World with Family and Friends

Group Travel

Group travel is a great way to spend quality time with friends, family or even getting to know temporary strangers that share a similar interest. Booking a group tends to lower the price for each room or cabin, and you generally get special incentives when you book a group. Things like cocktail hours, free rooms,…

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Top 10 Destination Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings - Hawaii

When planning a destination wedding, one of the most sought-after settings is undoubtedly the beach. With its azure blue waters and whimsical elegance, beach weddings offer an unparalleled charm. Whether you envision a casual affair or an extravagant celebration, the allure of the ocean as your backdrop is undeniable. Keep reading for a glimpse into…

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Top 6 Exotic Destination Wedding Locations

A couple enjoys a romantic stroll on an elephant during their exotic destination wedding.

You have read about destination weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean, USA and Canada, and Europe, but now we will discuss the top exotic destination wedding locations! Choosing an exotic location farther away might make for a more expensive destination wedding, so this might be a great option for those Brides and Grooms that want…

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The Top 7 European Wedding Destinations

A European bride and groom strolling across a stone bridge.

Continuing our series of fabulous destination wedding locations, we move forward to the top 7 European wedding destinations. European cities bring that old world elegance and that romantic feel with all the modern amenities needed to have a fantastic wedding. Whether in a medieval castle, on a rocky cliff, or an Italian vineyard Fox Travel…

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Top 15 Wedding Destinations in USA and Canada

A wedding destination with a view of the ocean in a wooded area.

Trying to find wedding destinations can be tricky, but we at Fox Travel are here to help. With our Destination Wedding blog series, and our team of destination wedding experts, including a certified wedding planner, we will help you find the best destination for your wedding. In our last blog we discussed the Top 7…

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The Top 7 Beach Wedding Locations in Mexico and the Caribbean

Beach Wedding ceremony.

After deciding that a destination wedding is right for you, the next question you’re going to ask is, where should I get married? Fox Travel has you covered! Below is a list of our favorite beach wedding locations in the Caribbean and Mexico to help you decide which location would be perfect for you to…

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15 Reasons to do a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding in front of a picturesque lake with majestic mountains in the background.

It’s that time of year where many are starting to plan their wedding for 2017! With destination weddings becoming more and more popular you may be wondering if a destination wedding is right for you. Throughout the next couple of months, Fox Travel will be your “go to” site for help with destination weddings, from reasons to…

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