The Top 7 European Wedding Destinations

Continuing our series of fabulous destination wedding locations, we move forward to the top 7 European wedding destinations. European cities bring that old-world elegance and that romantic feel with all the modern amenities needed to have a fantastic wedding. Whether in a medieval castle, on a rocky cliff, or an Italian vineyard Fox Travel will help you plan your dream European wedding while if you only want to have fun with your partner, you can also visit these threesome sites to find great options for this. Continue reading for Fox Travel’s top 7 destinations.

European Wedding Destinations

1. Italy

Rome, Spanish Steps

With such romantic cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice it’s no wonder why Italy is on our list. The Tuscan region with its rolling hills, beautiful vineyards, sunflowers, and lavender fields, and its many impressive walled cities makes for an old-world, romantic, rustic location. The stunning Amalfi Coast with its cliffs dropping off into the blue ocean makes for a true Mediterranean flair wedding. Get married in one of the most romantic cities on earth, Venice, and imagine your wedding photos floating on the canals in a traditional gondola. Or maybe you would like to get married in some of the most beautiful churches in Rome with the Spanish Steps as your backdrop? Pictured above

If you love that rustic wedding trend, Italy is the place for you!

2. GreeceGreece

Continuing with the Mediterranean theme, but a completely different feel from Italy is Greece. With many different islands to choose from, all with their unique personality, plus the mainland, you will have your pick of options on where to get married. In Athens, you can get married with the ancient ruins of the Acropolis as your backdrop. Or have an all-white wedding with the white buildings of Santorini. Head to Mykonos to party till dawn, or head to the largest island of Crete for a more rustic feel.

No matter which location you pick in Greece, your wedding will be filled with happiness and ancient backdrops. OPA!

3. France

European Wedding Destinations - ParisWe all know that Paris is the city of love and with such romantic settings scattered around the city. Get married with the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the background and the flowers blooming all around the city or take a dinner river cruise on the Seine. Have your wedding in the glamorous city of Cannes, where the famous film festival takes place. Or go to the Bordeaux wine region for some of the world’s best vineyards and wine.

Your wedding will be a sophisticated and romantic affair no matter which city in France you choose.

4. England

 London - Wedding BusLondon is a wonderful mixture of old and new. With its cobblestone streets, pubs at every corner, and vintage double-decker buses to take your guests to your venue, it makes for a very cool location for your destination wedding. Old churches and castles are all around in London and England with the newly built all around them. London is a great place to host your destination wedding with plenty of places to go and see for you and your guests. Want something a little more quaint? Take your pick of any of the smaller towns up and down the English countryside.

Have a wedding fit for a Queen, because they know a thing or two on how to throw royal weddings, in this amazing country.

5. Scotland

European Wedding Destination - ScotlandIs Tartan Plaid in your heart? Scotland is a magical country with rolling hills of heather dotted with ancient castles. As in most other European countries, it is a mixture of old and new, but there is something special about Scotland. Get married in the heart of the cities of Edinburgh or Glasglow, on the beach in Inverness, in the countryside, on a castle, or even on a working farm.

If you are looking for a sweep-you-off-your-feet romantic wedding complete with kilts and bagpipes, Scotland is your destination.

6. Ireland

IrelandIreland is a dreamy country with lush green countryside, charming castles, cliffs, and stunning views. Stay and get married in an old Irish castle, the famous Cliffs of Moher, in the heart of Dublin, or a charming seaside village. Have a fun night out with your wedding party and visit the oldest pub in Europe, Seans Bar, dating back to 900 A.D., or even the 4th oldest bar in Europe, The Brazen Head, located in the heart of Dublin. With so much to do and see Ireland is an incredibly romantic and fun place for your European wedding.

Is Ireland your European wedding destination? Then let the “luck of the Irish” be with you.

7. Cruise

European Wedding Destination - CruiseWhy just see one city or country in Europe? Why not take a fabulous cruise and visit multiple locations? You can get married at one of the ports or even on board. Cruising allows you and your guests to visit the destinations they all want to see at each port while getting to spend quality time together on board.

With so many different cruising options, like Mediterranean cruises, Arctic cruises, Baltic cruises, Scandinavian cruises, and river cruises, you can see Europe in a whole different way.

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