Top 15 Wedding Destinations in USA and Canada

Trying to find wedding destinations can be tricky, but we at Fox Travel are here to help. With our Destination Wedding blog series, and our team of destination wedding experts, including a certified wedding planner, we will help you find the best destination for your wedding.

In our last blog we discussed the Top 7 Beach Wedding Locations in Mexico and the Caribbean, and today we will discuss the Top 15 Wedding Destinations in the USA and Canada.

The benefits of staying in the USA to get married are pretty significant. The US has a wide variety of spectacular destinations from tropical beaches to mountains, rocky cliffs to open planes. Plus, there are no passports required!

Top 15 Wedding Destinations in the USA and Canada

1. Hawaii

Wedding Destinations Hawaii

Hawaii is a lush tropical paradise right in our own backyard. The main islands to visit would be Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, and Molokai, each having their own draw and personality. Oahu is the most populated island and has that “city feel” while still relaxing on the beach. Kauai is for the outdoor adventurer with tons of hiking and biking in the lush rainforest. Maui is a great combination of both with tropical rainforest, but some great cities with a lot to do. Hawaii AKA the Big Island has plenty of world-class resorts and golf courses. Molokai is the least commercialized island, so if you are looking for unspoiled beaches, this is your island. No matter what island you choose if you are looking for a tropical beach wedding without the hassle of a passport, you can’t go wrong with any island in Hawaii.

2. Napa Valley

Wedding Destinations Napa Valley

Are you a wine connoisseur? Or do you just like wine? Napa Valley is a great destination wedding location with its rolling hills and vineyards it makes for a spectacular backdrop for your pictures. There are a ton of wineries, bed and breakfasts, ranch settings, and upscale hotels that can host events big or small. It’s a great location to have guests come early or stay late and go on a winery tour with everyone. Plus you’ll get some great wine at your wedding!

3. Florida

Wedding Destinations Florida

Florida is a great destination wedding location because of a number of possibilities. You can get married with crystal blue waters as your backdrop in the Florida Keys or in one of the most popular cities in the world, Miami. There’s also Disney World where you can have a wedding fit for a Princess.

4. Colorado

Wedding Destinations Colorado

Whether you are looking for a beautiful snowy wedding or a rustic mountainous wedding with the forest as your backdrop, Colorado is the place for you. If you get married in the winter there are many ski resorts that can host your event while allowing your guests to have a fun filled ski or snowboarding weekend. If you get married in the spring or summer, you will have beautiful flowering fields and lush green forests that are perfect for the newest “woodlands” themed wedding.

5. Sedona, AZ

Wedding Destinations Sedona AZ

With the beautiful red and orange rocks and canyons as your backdrop, a wedding at sunset would be a truly unique and beautiful experience. Sedona Arizona is a vibrate community known for its artsy vibe and local artists. It’s a great location for the free spirit bride and groom that love the beautiful desert colors. With a ton to do from rock climbing classes to taking a jeep tour, this location can be a great destination for your adventurous guests.

6. New Orleans, LA

Wedding Destinations New Orleans

With its southern vibe, blues music, amazing food, and southern gothic architecture, New Orleans makes for a one of a kind wedding and experience for you and your guests. With a ton to do and hotels for every budget, you and your guests can party the night away in true New Orleans style. Avoid the crowds during Mardi Gras and the summer unless you plan on having your wedding indoors due to the humidity.

7. Las Vegas

Wedding Destinations Las Vegas

Vegas isn’t just for the drunken impromptu weddings, they actually have a great wedding scene. Get married on the rooftop or sky rise balcony looking over the city at night for a modern, lit up affair. Get married in Paris, Venice, Rome, or NYC all in Vegas! Want to get married with a bang? How about a midnight New Years Eve wedding in Vegas while every hotel on the strip shoot up fireworks! This is another location where a wedding of any budget can go simply because of the numerous options for hotels and resorts.

8. New York City, NY

Wedding Destinations NYC

Are you a modern bride? Do you want city skyscrapers as your backdrop? NYC is the place to be! There are so many locations to get married in NYC, from the famous Plaza hotel where every bride dreams of, to the Museum of Modern Art and Design, to riding into your wedding on a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park. Get married in the Spring for the flowers in Central Park to be blooming, the Fall for all the trees changing colors, or the winter to have a true white wedding complete with your white fur capelet. Plus there is a ton for your guests to do while there, you could even do your rehearsal dinner on a ferry boat that takes you around the Statue of Liberty.

9. Alaska

Wedding Destinations Alaska

Photo Credit Jamie Taylor Photography

If you are looking for an authentic rustic wedding, Alaska is your place. Alaska is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth which makes for a great backdrop, as well as limits your need for decor. Take your guests on a whale watching adventure or a scenic train ride through the mountains. You can even get married on one of the major cruise lines that visit Alaska!

10. California

Wedding Destinations California - Malibu

We talked a little bit about Napa Valley earlier which is in Northern California, but there is a ton of places in the entire state where you could get married. With beautiful rocky coastlines, you can get married up and down the California coast. San Diego is an extremely popular destination due to the number of activities and laid back surfer vibe in the downtown area. Hollywood is going to be for the glam, movie star bride. Santa Barbara is a beautiful beach community about 2 hours north of LA with luxurious resorts and an artsy feel. Then there is San Francisco which has the rolling hills and cool city vibe. No matter where you get married in California, you will be happy with your choice!

11. South Carolina/ Georgia

Wedding Destinations Georga

If you are looking for a dreamy, romantic destination consider South Carolina or Georgia. With the weeping willows or large oaks with the hanging Spanish moss as your backdrop, your wedding will be dripping with southern charm. You could also get married in one of the many beach communities in these states as well! There are a ton of options to choose from that will all have great activities for your guests too.

12. Vancouver, Canada

Wedding Destinations Vancouver

Vancouver is a very cool and beautiful city. You have these beautiful rocky beaches that butt up to the lush forest with the city lights in the background! Vancouver is a great mix of natural beauty and city skylines. Like Alaska there are great opportunities to take your guests on a whale watching adventure, or if you are wanting a winter wedding, Whistler is a short jaunt away.

13. Toronto, Canada

Wedding Destinations Toronto

Get married at Niagra Falls, a short distance from Toronto, or in the heart of this fun city. If you or your soon to be husband is a hockey fan, what better place to get married than near the Hockey Hall of Fame? The city of Toronto is going to be like NYC where you will have this modern, cool, sexy, vibe to your wedding.

14. Lake Louise, Canada

Wedding Destinations Lake Louise

If you want to talk about beautiful, unspoiled destinations, Lake Louise is at the top of the list. Consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful places on earth, Lake Louise is a great location to get married. With its luxurious resorts, crystal clear, icy blue lake, mountains and forests, Lake Louise is like something out of a fairytale. Take a train ride through the Rockies or ride horseback along the lake, this is a great location for your guests too.

15. Cruise

Wedding Destinations Cruise

Royal Caribbean Oaises of the Seas

Cruising is a great way to see a lot of areas at once without having to unpack. If you do a roundtrip US city you don’t need a passport (although when leaving the country it is always recommended), but there are also great US and Canada based cruises as well. You can do a California Coast cruise or a Fall Foliage cruise that does the East Coast of the US and Canada, a Hawaii cruise where you can see all the islands, or the most popular of US cruises, a cruise to Alaska.

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