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Planning a destination wedding can be time consuming. Let Fox Travel's certified Destination Wedding Planner plan your day so you can be stress free.

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Destination Wedding Planner

At Fox Travel, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  We have a certified wedding planner on staff to help make your day special.

Tahnee, one of our destination wedding and honeymoon specialists with Fox Travel, can assist you in planning everything from your travel arrangements, including group travel, to your flowers and photographer. With resorts often on different time zones, this can be particularly helpful.

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Services Provided

Destination Wedding PlannerWe know that planning your wedding is both a joy and stressful situation. Couple that with a destination that is not in your time zone, language, or country, and is often sight unseen, it just adds to the stressful part.

Tahnee can ease a lot of that stress with her planning services. Here is what is included:

  1. Find the ideal destination and resort for your big day
  2. Set up a scouting trip once you've chosen your location
  3. Devising a wedding master plan
  4. Help you stay within your wedding budget
  5. Create a personalized wedding website as a central location to send your guests
  6. Serve as your spokesperson, conveying your every whim and desire to the vendors and resort to make sure your day is as you dreamed
  7. Set up a group room contract for your guests so that you can get maximum amenities for you, your guests, and your wedding
  8. Being your main point of contact so you don't need to worry about calling other countries in different time zones
  9. Destination Wedding PlannerRepresent your best interests and negotiate any amendments on your behalf
  10. Consulting with the resort and onsite day of wedding coordinators to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch
  11. Reading over vendor and wedding contracts to make sure everything is correct and in accordance with your contract
  12. Set up and plan rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, tequila or wine tasting events, beach bonfire parties, farewell dinners or brunch, group excursions, bachelor or bachelorette excursions, and more
  13. Create a day of/week of timeline that tells everyone involved in the wedding process what to do and when
  14. Set up Spa, makeup and hair appointments for bridal party
  15. Provide a welcome letter with a calendar of events for group parties or activities
  16. Plan a separate honeymoon destination so you can have privacy after the wedding, like a couples only resort
  17. And more! Just ask!
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