Say Aloha to a Maui Vacation

On a Maui vacation, the sun is shining over a sandy beach and ocean.

A Maui Vacation is one of my favorite vacations in the world. Even though I have visited destinations all over the US and the World, Maui is still in my top 3. There’s something about Maui. The air has a sweet perfume of Tuberose and Plumeria flowers mixed with the salty scent of the ocean.…

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Aulani Disney Resort – By Fox Travel

Three people standing on a beach at Aulani Disney Resort with a rainbow in the sky.

What happens when you mix the magical world of Disney and a tropical paradise? You get the Aulani Disney Resort in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. With beautiful white sand beaches, lush foliage, delicious smelling flowers, and an innovative resort as only Disney can do, this is a family vacation of a lifetime. Aulani means “Kings Messenger”.…

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What is the Best Hawaiian Island to Visit?

Best Hawaiian Island

What is the best Hawaiian Island to visit? This is a question travel agents get asked all the time for those planning on going to Hawaii for the first time. Each island is very different and caters to a different type of traveler. Below are some facts about each island that may make your decision…

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