What is the Best Hawaiian Island to Visit?

What is the best Hawaiian Island to visit? This is a question travel agents get asked all the time for those planning on going to Hawaii for the first time. Each island is very different and caters to a different type of traveler. Below are some facts about each island that may make your decision on which island to visit a bit easier, and if not, a Fox Travel agent is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Find the best Hawaiian Island to visit for you


Also known as “The Gathering Place”, Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Home to the popular destination of Honolulu, which also inhabits 75% of residents in Hawaii, the famous Pearl Harbor, the big waves at North Shore, and the backdrop for popular TV and movie productions like Hawaii Five-O and Lost, you will never be at a loss of activities to do or places to see.

Are you a foodie? Oahu has some of the best dining in the world from world-renowned restaurants to hole-in-the-wall local places where you can get a true taste of the island.

If you are a shopper, Oahu is the island for you with high-end shops in Waikiki, the biggest mall in Hawaii, and a huge flea market at Aloha Stadium.

Oahu is also one of the best islands to go to for a day trip if you are visiting other islands as it is the major hub for Hawaii. It also offers the best way to get around with tons of public transportation and bus tours available for those who don’t want to rent a car. If having a car is essential for savings, consider checking out visit website here for information on car loans that could help you achieve that goal.

From family resorts like Disney’s Aulani to budget-friendly resorts and up to high-end resorts, Oahu has a little bit for everyone.


Known as “The Garden Island”, Kauai is the oldest of the main islands. It is the fourth largest of the islands, but it is less developed making it a great destination for those wanting to relax and get away from it all.
Looking for adventure, or just to get back into nature? Kauai is going to be the island for you. From kayaking, hiking, biking, and scuba diving, to helicopter tours, Kauai has something for every adventurer.

Don’t let all the adventure fool you though, Kauai still offers world-class resorts and fine cuisine for those who like the luxury while getting away.


Is the second largest island and is the best island to visit if you want a “sampler” of the Hawaiian Islands. Maui offers the second-best shopping in the town of Lahaina with chain shops as well as locally-owned boutiques. While Maui offers some budget-friendly hotels, it is the most expensive of the islands with the highest average hotel rates.

With daily activities like snorkeling their crystal clear water, whale watching in the winter months, dinner sunset cruises, going to some of the best luaus in Hawaii, visiting the volcano of Haleakala, or driving the road to Hana you will have something to do every day of your trip, that is if you can pry yourself away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


AKA the Big Island, Hawaii is bigger than all the other islands combined and is the only island with an active volcano. The resorts of Hawaii range from budget-friendly to high-end resorts with amazing restaurants, spas, and golf courses.

From visiting the active volcano in their national parks, horseback riding through the jungle and beach, sport fishing, kayaking, glass bottom boat tours, and surfing this island has a little something for everyone.


For the most authentic Hawaii experience, visit the island of Lanai. The island of Lanai is the least populated and is one of the least commercialized.

With crystal clear waters and terrain suitable for off-roading jeep adventures, ATV, and horseback riding there is still enough adventure on the island to keep you busy, while staying at the two most luxurious hotels on the islands.


The island of Molokai is the least commercialized island with no Starbucks or Walmart in sight. Unlike the island of Lanai, there are very few accommodations available, and is the most difficult island to fly into. But what Molokai doesn’t have in amenities, it more than makes up for in unspoiled coastline and untamed wilderness.

Cruise the Islands

Cruise the Islands

Did reading through each description just make you want to visit all the islands? No problem! Many different cruise lines offer a Hawaiian Island sampler cruise if you will. You will get to visit up to 5 different cities on several different islands, to give you a sample of each location. Is the long flight to Hawaii from Houston scaring you off? There are cruises to Hawaii that are round trip from Los Angeles and smaller ships to explore the islands once you land! That is just a 3-hour flight to get to paradise!

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