Cruise Vacations – Is Cruising Right for You?

CCruise Vacationsruise vacations are one of the most popular types of travel that we get at Fox Travel Texas. If you have ever been on a cruise, chances are you understand why they are so popular. If you haven’t been on a cruise, you’re in luck! This blog series will help determine if cruising is right for you.

There are many benefits of cruising and using a travel agent to book your cruise. All of our Fox Travel agents have been on cruises, multiple times. Not only can we give you first-hand experience, but we can also get you the best deals, and maybe even an extra perk or two, something you probably couldn’t get by booking on your own.

Many cruise lines pass on rates, shipboard credits, and rewards to travel agents who book their cruise line frequently as our agents do at Fox Travel. We also know about specials, ideas, and cruises you might never find on your own. Whatever your dream cruise is, we can find it, make booking your cruise vacation, and travel a snap!

Cruise Vacations

Galveston Cruises 

foxtravel15Speaking of benefits! Living in the Houston area has a huge benefit when it comes to cruising. We have a port within driving distance where two major cruise lines, Royal Caribbean and Carnival, are here year-round and Disney cruises are back for the winter season. With these three cruise lines, you will be able to choose from several different itineraries visiting over 10 different ports and over 7 countries. Looking for a quick getaway? No problem. Choose from 4, 5, and 7-day itineraries.  And the best part about it all… No flights are needed!

Family Cruise Vacations

Cruising is a great way to take a vacation with your kids. Many cruise lines have fantastic kids clubs that offer fun activities for your kids on days at sea, and many even offer party nights so the parents can have a nice evening to themselves. These fantastic kids’ programs range from educational to just plain fun. As cruise lines continue to grow, each company tries to outdo the other by making each ship bigger, and better, and adding new activities. Did you know you can go ice skating at sea? Surf waves on board a ship? Splash and slide at a water park? Yup, you can do all that and that doesn’t even begin to cover all the fun excursions for when you get to a destination.

Group  Cruises

Cruise VacationsAre you looking to have a fun family reunion? Or maybe do a weekend away with friends? Cruise vacations make for a great way to get a group together and spend more quality time together. You’ll get to visit some amazing places together, eat amazing food, watch top entertainment, swim, laugh, and have a great time. Yet, you’ll also get your own space, and have the ability to spend as much or as little time with your group as you wish. No more being stuck in the same cabin or house for days. Let’s face it, we love our friends and family, but sometimes we may just need a minute for ourselves. What better excuse to get some time for yourself than to say you have a massage appointment? If you haven’t booked one yet, you can check out sites like Toronto’s Finest Sensual Spa which offers services such as sensual massage in Toronto.

Cruise the World

With cruise lines being able to go to any destination with water, your options are almost limitless. Some of the most popular destinations are the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, Fall Foliage, Asia, and more. But did you know you could even cruise the polar regions? Cruise the Northwest Passage or chill out with penguins in Antarctica. Take an African safari then hop back on your boat to the next destination. You could even sail around the World, literally. Your possibilities are endless.foxtravel105

River Cruises

You might be thinking that there are some destinations you want to visit that are inland. Cruises can get you there, too. River cruising that is. Cruise rivers in Europe, Asia, Russia, Egypt and more. Visit these historic cities in a way that many don’t get to experience. River cruising is also a great way for those that may not have their sea legs, but still like the idea of cruising.

Luxury Cruises

Luxury cruise lines are very popular. In most cases, these luxury cruise lines are going to be relatively kid-free or have a very limited number of kids on board, so if you are looking for an adult-only cruise, these are going to be your best bet. Usually, the ships are smaller than their multi-generational counterparts and they have a lower steward-to-guest ratio, making these cruise lines perfect for those who love a more personal service. Many luxury cruise lines tend to have a more all-inclusive approach than traditional cruises, like free airfare, free shore excursions, free alcohol, etc.

Themed CruisesCruise Vacations

Because cruise vacations have become increasingly popular, many different industries have also hopped on the cruising bandwagon with themed cruises. From seeing your favorite band perform live on board, to a TV or movie-themed cruise where you can meet and interact with your favorite actors, to Disney-themed cruises for kids or kids at heart, celebrity chef cruises, educational cruises, wine or craft beer cruises, and more!

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