Adult Vacations

Adult Travel is our fastest growing segment at Fox. There are so many reasons that adults choose to plan trips with friends and their spouse separate from their families.

Romantic travel like honeymoons, anniversaries and just plain need to get away to unwind and reconnect is popular. We can help you select the perfect destination, resort or cruise for your budget.

Taking cruises that cater primarily to adults is popular with couples and friends. For example, we are hosting a culinary cruise to the Mediterranean on a luxury cruise line with a teaching kitchen and a renown chef. Cruises like this often appeal only to adults.

Another surprising and increasingly popular type of adult travel spices things up a bit. There are several resorts that have clothing optional areas and there are even resorts that you can be nude all the time. There are even cruises for couples that have nude sunbathing, theme nights and other erotic options. This segment of adult travel is very popular with the 40-70-year-olds and is growing with younger adults.

Adult Only Vacations for Couples – Mild, Spicy, Even HOT Travel Options

By Jim Bailey | October 14, 2019

Adult vacations for couples are a perfect time to live a little. Shoot…it’s always time to live a little. If you wait, one day you may look back and ask yourself: “Why wasn‘t I a little more adventurous?” Why not have as much fun as possible while you’re here on this big blue, interesting planet?…

Windstar Cruises Reviews

Windstar Cruises Reviews: Sailing Adventure in the South China Sea

By Jim Bailey | January 31, 2019

Donna Daniels and Jim Bailey, the owners of Fox Travel, have written this amazing Windstar Cruises review on their South China Sea cruise adventure. Looking for pirates in the Orient…where did they hide their booty – Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo or the Philippines? We hoped to discover their secrets…and have some fun along the way by…

Adult only vacations by Fox Travel

Adult Only Vacations – 7 Things You Did Not Know

By Jim Bailey | July 17, 2018

More and more frequently we are getting inquiries and bookings for adult only vacations. Each couple has their own reasons for wanting to travel without family. It may be a well-deserved break, time to recharge and reconnect, expand their knowledge about cultures, to rekindle romance or even to spice up their intimacy. Over the years, our…

Excellence Resort Punta Cana

By Jim Bailey | March 22, 2018

Just the name alone tells you what to expect…Excellence! There are several beautiful, five-star Excellence Resorts, which we will write about in the future, but this blog is about Excellence Resort Punta Cana. All Excellence Resorts are adults-only paradises. It’s where you go with that special someone when you want the romance of the Caribbean…

Adult cruises by Fox Travel Texas

Adult Cruises – Explore the 7 Seas Kid Free (Without the Big Price Tag)

By Jim Bailey | May 30, 2017

Adult cruises are a great getaway for couples, without the added obligation of having to plan activities for the kids. These cruises are a wonderful way to take in the beauty of your natural surroundings, engage in interactive activities, and spend quality time with the one you love. Here are some cruise lines we recommend…

Dining at Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia

Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia – A Fox Travel Favorite

By Jim Bailey | May 2, 2017

If you’re looking for a tranquil and romantic vacation that you and your sweetheart will remember for years to come, it may be time to visit the Rendezvous Resort St. Lucia. The resort offers a well-deserved getaway from the hustle and bustle of life and is a beautiful place to observe the beauty of nature.…

A Christmas Cruise

What’s New with Fox Travel’s Group Cruises

By Tahnee McHenry | June 6, 2019

Fox Travel has several fun group cruises right now for you to choose from. Group cruises tend to get a bad rap. Many people think that a group cruise is a bunch of touristy looking people gathered around a lead with a big sign taking them around. Don’t worry, Fox Travel doesn’t do those types…

Best of the Best Awards by Fox Travel

Best of the Best Awards by Fox Travel

By Tahnee McHenry | March 11, 2019

Welcome to our Best of the Best Awards. Every year we at Fox Travel send thousands of clients all over the world. With every client, we make sure we fit their trip to their wants, needs, and desires. With 35 years in business, and over 100+ years of experience between the owners and agents, plus…

All Inclusive Adults Only Vacations

Top 7 All Inclusive Vacations Adults Only by Fox Travel

By Tahnee McHenry | February 1, 2018

It’s that time of year, Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away, and romance is in the air! One of the most popular questions we get asked at Fox Travel is what are the best all inclusive vacations adults only? There are so many beautiful adult only resorts, but Fox Travel has picked out our…

European River Cruises by Fox Travel

A European River Cruises Review – By Fox Travel Owners, Donna and Jim

By Tahnee McHenry | November 28, 2017

We hated it! (to be over)…Our European River Cruises on the river Elbe, April 2017, was way too short for us…. we love riverboats. Since 1984, we’ve enjoyed over 130 ocean and European river cruises departures worldwide.  Our riverboat cruise experiences include over 20 voyages in Europe and Russia. Our ship experience on the new…

girlfriend getaways

10 Best Girlfriend Getaways

By Tahnee McHenry | September 21, 2017

We women take on a lot. We work, manage our home, raise kids, and are always putting everyone else first. Now that kids are back in school, and family vacations are over, we now can take a moment for ourselves. What better way to do that then to do a girlfriend getaway? That’s right! Grab…

Adult Only Resorts by Fox Travel

The Top 8 Best Adult Only Resorts for Couples

By Tahnee McHenry | July 26, 2017

Best Adult Only Resorts for Couples Planning a romantic getaway without the kids? Escape to one of these adult only resorts for some much-needed R&R. Some resorts cater to families — others won’t let kids past the front entrance. If the latter is what you’re after, you’re in luck. These beach resorts pander to grown-ups and couples with days…