15 Reasons to do a Destination Wedding

It’s that time of year when many are starting to plan their wedding for 2017!

With destination weddings becoming more and more popular you may be wondering if a destination wedding is right for you. Throughout the next couple of months, Fox Travel will be your “go-to” site for help with destination weddings, from reasons to have a destination wedding, to our favorite site locations, to tips and tricks to help you save.

Here are Fox Travel’s top 15 reasons why a destination wedding is the best!

1. Say “I Do” Anywhere
Destination weddings on the beach by Fox Travel
The definition of a Destination Wedding is the bride getting married within 100 miles of where she currently lives. That means the possibilities for locations for your dream wedding are endless, which brings us to our next point…

2. We Have Experience in Destination Weddings

Wedding planners are hired because of their knowledge and experience in the industry. With over 30 years of experience, Fox Travel has sent couples all over the world to get married. We have helped plan hundreds of dream weddings in locations ranging from snow to beach, land to sea. Fox Travel also has a certified wedding planner on staff to help you plan your dream destination wedding from start to finish.

3. Make it Easybeach-reception

The hardest part of a destination wedding is deciding where to go. Once you have that down, it is smooth sailing. The resorts handle everything from your ceremony to your reception. No need to contact several different vendors to set up your catering, linens, cake, music, etc, they have it all ready for you. If they don’t have everything you want, they will have a hand-picked vendor so that you don’t need to find someone.

4. No Stress Wedding

I know what you are thinking… how can planning a destination wedding several hours away, out of state, or out of the country not be stressful? Between our staff and the resort staff, you will just need to sit back and count the days to your special day. You don’t even need to handle anything for your guests, just direct them our way and we will take care of them, too!

5. Cut Your Guest List in Halfwater-wedding

The average guest list for a wedding is 140 people, most of whom are people you are generally obligated to invite. The average guest list of a destination wedding is 48. When traveling, it is more acceptable to only invite your friends and family that you are close to.

6. Save Money 

Now this is a big one! The average cost of a wedding is $26,645 and can range on average between $20,000 and $40,000. The average cost of a destination wedding is $1000.00. That is a HUGE saving! Of course, not all destination weddings will cost $1000.00, different factors and the number of guests will play a part in the final cost. So if you want to be prepared for that, you may want to check out the financing options presented on sites like https://bitcoinapex.com/. Additionally, consider exploring educational resources such as the Kiana Danial course to deepen your understanding of cryptocurrency investment strategies.

7. Save on Decormountain-wedding

With majestic mountains, spectacular beaches, exotic jungles, or historical castles as your background, you don’t need to spend much money, let the location be your decorations.

8. Save Time

When planning a local wedding, you need to make appointments for everything, and usually, those appointments are going to be within normal business hours. This means taking time off work to plan your wedding, or vacation time that could be used for your wedding or honeymoon. When planning a destination wedding with Fox Travel, if you can’t take time off work, no problem. We can plan everything over the phone or even email.

9. Spend Quality Time With Your Friends and Familycastle-wedding

When friends and family come in for a wedding you don’t get to spend much time with them. Sometimes only see them during the reception, and then you are off on your honeymoon. When everyone can get together at a destination, you will get to spend days with your guests and get quality time in. We can also help plan excursions, beach bonfire parties, wine-tasting events, and more!

10. Everyone Gets a Vacation!

I often hear that couples don’t think their guests will want to spend money to go see them get married. More often than not, people jump at the opportunity to attend the wedding of a close friend or family member and enjoy an amazing vacation, especially when it’s hosted in a luxury 5-star resort Phu Quoc.

11. Get Comfy

Beach weddings are generally less formal than traditional weddings. This means you and your guests can go shoe-free. Dig those toes into the sand!

12. Neutral Ground maui-wedding

Many couple’s families are all over the country. Sometimes you try to plan your wedding where you are and have your family come to you. Sometimes you try to plan your wedding where the majority of people are. Either way, someone is going to be traveling. So why not have everyone travel to a neutral location?

13. Get Married Year Round

Do you want a winter wonderland wedding? Then late fall to early spring might be the best time to travel up north to get a truly white wedding. Want the beach? There are beautiful beaches all over the world where you can go any time of the year.

14. Picture Perfect 

Have your wedding pictures have a spectacular background!

15. Extend Your Honeymoon

Did you know that a majority of couples that do a destination wedding still do a honeymoon? They either spend a couple of extra days at the resort they got married in after everyone leaves, or they jet off to a completely different destination. So you can have your beach and snow too!

Our next blog will be on destination wedding locations! Tell us what locations you would like to see featured.

For more information, you can email our destination wedding and honeymoon specialist at tahnee@foxtravel.net