Game of Thrones Tour

Sometimes,Game of Thrones tour to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge as I sit and watch Game of Thrones, I can’t help but think how beautiful the filming locations are. I’m not sure if anyone else feels the same way, or if it is just the travel agent in me, but some of the filming locations truly take my breath away. I wonder, what would it be like to do a Game of Thrones tour of the actual locations.

I started doing some research on, where the filming locations were. Many scenes were filmed in Spain, Croatia, Morocco, and Iceland. But a majority of the locations were in Northern Ireland, and all close together.

With the popularity of GoT growing, I thought about how fun it would be to get a group of GoT fans and go visit the iconic filming locations in Northern Ireland.

Game of Thrones Tour – This is Where Our Journey Starts…

Game of Thrones tour to WinterfellStarting March 31. 2017 Fox Travel Texas will be hosting an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip to journey into Westeros. You will:

  • Meet extras from the set and hear first-hand accounts of the filming of your favorite scenes
  • Have the opportunity to meet the real dire wolves from Season 1
  • Visit iconic filming locations like Giant’s Causeway, the Dark Hedges, Winterfell Castle, and more
  • Get to dress in traditional GoT cloaks and learn archery in the same spot Ned Stark and Jon Snow taught Bran how to shoot.

You will not only participate in GoT activities but also have several days to enjoy the sites and experiences of Belfast and Dublin in style!

Dubin on Game of Thrones tourImagine you, and fellow GoT fans all taking part in this journey together. Talk about and experience the show together, discuss what will be coming up in Season 7, and explore the beautiful country of Ireland, all while making new friends or taking an adventure with old ones.

Take a look at our GoT Tour page for more information on this trip, or contact Tahnee at 281-363-0808 or Remember, you can book this tour with us from anywhere in the US.