Windstar Cruises Reviews: Sailing Adventure in the South China Sea

Windstar Cruises Reviews

Donna Daniels and Jim Bailey, the owners of Fox Travel, have written these amazing Windstar Cruises reviews on their South China Sea cruise adventure. Looking for pirates in the Orient…where did they hide their booty – Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, or the Philippines? We hoped to discover their secrets…and have some fun along the way by…

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20 Different Types of Local and Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is becoming more and more popular.  Destinations are making it easy to combine a relaxing vacation while doing some adventurous activities. A lot of families are opting to do this overseas adventure travel type, especially with older children. It allows you to get out there and make some fun and unique memories together!…

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Adventures by Disney – Where your Adventures are Magical

Two people enjoying Adventures by Disney in the blue lagoon in Iceland.

Are you looking to do more and see more than a cruise has to offer, but still love the Disney product? Adventures by Disney is the perfect answer to what you are looking for! With Adventures by Disney, you’ll get to travel with a small group of other families on an adventure of a lifetime.…

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Travel with a Purpose – Voluntourism and Ecotourism


What is Ecotravel or Voluntourism? Ecotravel is going to a destination, resort, or mode of transport that specializes in reducing their carbon footprint and is aimed at helping the environment. Whereas Voluntourism is where you do volunteer work in the community you are visiting. Ecotourism Ecotourism or Green Travel is leaving the destination cleaner than…

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Travel to Iceland- A Land Full of Contradictions

Travel to Iceland

Travel to Iceland 1.      Where can you get married on two continents … at the same time? 2.      What foreign country can you visit where just about everyone speaks English? 3.      What has a higher average low temperature than New York annually? 4.      Where can you go swimming in your bathing suit when it’s freezing?…

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Pack Your Trunk! The 20 Best Vacations for Animal Lovers

A sea turtle gracefully navigating coral reefs in its ocean habitat, captivating animal lovers.

Do you love animals? If you’re anything like me, you’ll have at least one (or more) bucket list vacation that involves seeing animals in their natural habitat. Well, you’re about to get a few more! Below, I will tell you about the 20 Best Vacations for Animal Lovers, in no particular order! We at Fox…

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Ski Resorts Vacation

A ski lift at a ski resort on a snowy slope.

Living in Southern Texas the chances of a “White Christmas”, or even some snow during the winter months are rare. Luckily there are many Ski Resorts that are nearby that will make a great winter vacation for the whole family! Continue reading to find out all the fun stuff you can do besides skiing or…

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Game of Thrones Tour

Dark Hedges on Game of Thrones tour

Sometimes, as I sit and watch Game of Thrones, I can’t help but think how beautiful the filming locations are. I’m not sure if anyone else feels the same way, or if it is just the travel agent in me, but some of the filming locations truly take my breath away. I wonder, what would…

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