20 Different Types of Local and Overseas Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is becoming more and more popular.  Destinations are making it easy to combine a relaxing vacation while doing some adventurous activities. A lot of families are opting at doing this type of travel, especially with older children. It allows you to get out there and make some fun and unique memories together! Below are many different types of Local and Overseas Adventure Travel!

20 Types of Local and Overseas Adventure Travel & Where to Do Them!

1. Hot Air Balloon Rides Overseas Adventure Travel

Imagine being high above the ground over the plains of Africa seeing lions, zebras and giraffes running below you. What an amazing way to see this beautiful destination! If you are looking for something closer to home, you need to check out the hot air balloon festivals in New Mexico and Colorado!

2. Ziplines

This heart pumping activity is becoming extremely popular to the point where if there is a high point, most tourist destinations will have a zipline now. From cities to jungles, mountain ranges to canyons, you will find them all over! Some of the best places for ziplining are going to be Hawaii, Whistler British Colombia, Costa Rica, Alaska, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas!

3. Heli-Climbing or Heli-Skiing

Overseas Adventure Travel

Jumping out of a helicopter is the ultimate adventure, but doing it on ski’s or snowboards? That is for the most adventurous of us all! Some amazing places to heli-climb or heli-ski will be in the Canadian Rockies, Wyoming and Colorado for destinations close to home. The Swiss Alps, will make for a great family getaway with a crazy adventure to boot!

4. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of my favorite adventures! The colors, the fish, the breathing through a regulator, it feels like you’ve been transported to a different world, and then you pop your head out of the water and you’re back to reality again. Some close to home destinations for great scuba diving are California and Florida. For an overseas adventure check out Australia, Belize, ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) Hawaii, the Maldives, Mexico, Seychelles, the South Pacific, and pretty much any island in the Caribbean.

5. Dog SleddingOverseas Adventure Travel

Mush! Over to Alaska, Canada, Wyoming, or Finland to partake in the northerners favorite past time, dog sledding! These cute, furry K-9 friends, who may have taken some of those pumpkin digestive supplement for dogs, will take you on a fast-paced adventure over the snowy tundra! With the wind whipping in your hair, you and your kids will have a blast with these pups!

6. Volcano Trek

Head over to Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Zealand, Iceland, or Italy to hike up to an active volcano! This super hot adventure will not only be educational but something your kids are going to talk about forever! Hawaii is the best place right now to see active flowing lava!

7. White Water Rafting

Overseas Adventure Travel

If you’ve never been white water rafting, it is a must! Working together as a family to get down the river is a great way to build confidence through teamwork. There are many different classifications of rapids you can raft that can be tailored to your experience or willingness. Class one would be considered a relaxing tube down the river. Two and three are going to be a little more bumpy. Four  is a roller coaster over rocks and boulders with water splashing your face! And five is all of the above with huge drops off waterfalls! Some of the best places to white water raft are Alaska, Montana’s Glacier National Park, Grand Canyon and Costa Rica.

8. Skiing and Snowboarding

If you’re looking for some great skiing and snowboarding places to go you need to read this blog here. So if you love the snow and cold weather, these destinations are the places to visit! Some great places are Colorado, Wyoming and Canada for nearby mountains.

9. Swimming with SharksOverseas Adventure Travel

When people hear swimming with sharks, there is an instant fear! But fear not! Companies that specialize in diving with sharks make sure yours and the sharks safety are the number one priorities.  The Bahamas and Hawaii are a great place to swim with some of the more aggressive sharks, while Mexico and Belize are great places to swim with the largest fish in the ocean, a gentle giant, the whale shark! These guys mainly eat plankton, so you are safe!

10. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a great and fun way to see a destination and experience a low key adventure that can be shared by kids as young as five or six depending on the company. Some great local places to horseback ride are Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Canyon. For your overseas adventure travel the best places are Ireland, riding through the Irish countryside, or Turks and Caicos where rescued horses are rehabilitated and you can ride on the beach and through the waves.

11.  Working a Dude RanchOverseas Adventure Travel

Speaking of horseback riding, a fun family local trip is visiting a dude ranch in Arizona, New Mexico or Wyoming. Stay in cabins and sit around a campfire at night while your hosts sing traditional ranching songs. Dude ranches are a great getaway for families of all ages. Younger kids will love seeing the animals, and older kids will enjoy being outdoors, and parents will enjoy no electronics!

12. Bike Tours

Riding a bike together as a family is great exercise as well as a fun adventure for all! With bike tours in France, Switzerland, and Hawaii it makes for a fun and unique way to see the local sites at your own pace. While this adventure could be for people of all ages, it does require a certain stamina too.

13. Northern LightsOverseas Adventure Travel

Seeing the Northern Lights is a one of a kind experience. Traveling with the sole intent on seeing this spectacular light show might be tricky since there is no schedule, however you will have a better chance by knowing when and where to go. Traveling to the following destinations between the months of September through April will ensure the best chances to see them! Alaska, Canada, Scotland, Greenland, Finland and Iceland are great places to see the Northern Lights, plus they are just great destinations to visit too!

14. Surfing

Surfing is something every kid wants to try! It looks so cool being up on a board riding those waves in. Some of the best places to go if your family wants to learn how to surf are Hawaii, California, Australia, Mexico, Bali, Tahiti, Spain, Scotland, and South Africa.

15. FishingOverseas Adventure Travel

Living in Texas, your family may like to fish. There are some great places to try your hand at fly fishing in Montana and Alaska, but for an adventure you need to try Deep Sea Fishing! Some of the best places in the world for that are Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, Australia and Florida.

16. Hang Gliding

If your family likes to soar, then Hang gliding is what you’ll want to do! The best places to try your hand at hang gliding overseas are Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand and Turkey. While some of the best places to try this high in the sky adventure would be Hawaii, California,  Utah, and North Carolina.

17. ATVOverseas Adventure Travel

Riding around on these 4 wheelers is an exhilarating good time. If you’re anything like me you don’t like dirty kids coming in the house, but sometimes it’s just fun to get muddy! ATV riding will get you muddy that is for sure! Many destinations offer this fun excursion making it an ideal activity to do as a shore excursion from a cruise, or just as a fun day trip while on vacation. Some great places to ATV are Mexico, Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Nevada!

18. African Safari

What is more adventurous than riding in an open-air jeep seeing magnificent animals wondering around right next to you? What is more thrilling than not knowing what these animals will do? Have a cheetah sit on top of the hood of your car, see a lion take down a zebra, or have a giraffe walk right up to you! Africa is one of the best places for animal adventures!

19. Amazon

Speaking of animal adventures, the Amazon Rainforest, is another one of those amazing animal adventures. One of the most adventurous ways to travel through the river by river cruise. You’ll have the opportunity to see animals up close and personal in their natural habitat doing what they naturally do in the wild.

20. AntarcticaOverseas Adventure Travel

What is more adventurous than going to a place few have been at the bottom of the world? There are many educational opportunities to visit Antarctica where you’ll learn about this snowy destination and it’s inhabitants.

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