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Are you looking to do more and see more than a cruise has to offer, but still love the Disney product? Adventures by Disney is the perfect answer to what you are looking for! With Adventures by Disney, you’ll get to travel with a small group of other families on an adventure of a lifetime. With age-appropriate activities for your children, plus the ability to make friends in the process, you can’t go wrong!

Not into group travel? No problem, Adventures by Disney also hosts private tour options so it would just be your family and a private guide for your whole trip! This is also a great option if you’d like to travel with extended family or friends as well! Keep reading to find out more information!

Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney is an action-packed vacation for the on-the-go family! With daily activities, historical sites to see, culinary explorations, and much more, Adventures by Disney is for families that want to see it all and do it all!

North America

If you have younger kids or are just wanting to stay in the US, Adventures by Disney has some great options for North American travel.

Adventure Destinations

  • Montana
    • Glamp” under the stars in Yellowstone National Park, white water raft, zip line, see Old Faithful, take a stagecoach adventure, and much more on this Montana and Yellowstone adventure.
  • Alaska
    • Visit a glacier, have a salmon bake, white water raft, have a sled dog experience, mine for gold, visit the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center, and more!
  • Arizona and Utah
    • See the Grand Canyon in all its glory, whitewater raft through the Colorado River, visit Sedona, have a Navajo Taco Cookout, and more.
  • Wyoming
    • There are two Wyoming adventures to take. The first is Wyoming in the Summer for a 7-day trip, where you will visit Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Old Faithful, and Whitewater Raft. In the Winter for a long weekend where you will visit Yellowstone under a blanket of snow, sled dog adventure, sledding, snowshoe exploration, Jackson Hole, and more.
  • Alberta, Canada
    • Coupled with Montana you will visit Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake, then move on towards Alberta to see Banff and Lake Louise with adventures in between.

Big City

  • Disneyland and Southern California Combo
    • With a 6-day option and a 3-day option, you’ll get to visit some of Southern California’s most iconic sites and of course, get to go to Disneyland and California Adventure too!
  • San Francisco
    • Visit San Francisco for a long weekend and visit some of the most famous sites like the Golden Gate Bridge, take a bike tour, have a Yoda Fountain photo op at Lucasfilm, and visit a vineyard for the parents.
  • New York City
    • Take in the Big Apple the way it was meant to be seen! Visit Times Square, see Frozen the Broadway musical, go backstage at Good Morning America, and take a bus tour to all the most amazing sites.
  • Washington DC and Philadelphia
    • Visit all the important sites that built this nation in the places that started it all!

Africa, Asia, and Australia

If you are looking for something truly unique or out of the ordinary you will need to check out their itineraries on these exotic locations.

  •  Australia
    • On this 7-day tour of Australia, you’ll get magical experiences that will last a lifetime. Visit the Great Barrier Reef, the Opera House the famous Gold Coast, and much more.
  • Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
    • Visit Ho Chi Minh, the Mekong River Cruise, take a Vietnamese cooking class, take a Tai Chi class from a master, Angkor Park, and more on this 12-day trip.
  • China
    • Visit Hong Kong and get to go to Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney, see the Great Wall of China, visit Panda’s and so much more on this 12-day adventure.
  • South Africa
    • On this 10-day adventure, take a 3-day safari, head into the Bush to see lions, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo, and visit an elephant park, a primate sanctuary, and Cape Town.

Central and South America

If you want to mix adventure with exotics these South American countries will do just that. Your children will love seeing hundreds of animals in their natural habitat while being adventurous like zip lining or river rafting.

  • Costa Rica
    • Whitewater raft through the jungle, zip line on a volcano, wildlife boat tour, catamaran excursion, rainforest gondola ride, and more.
  • Ecuador – Amazon, and Galapagos
    • Take an Amazon riverboat tour, canoe with the pink river dolphins, visit the tortoises of the Galapagos, sail around the Galapagos islands on a yacht, and visit the rainforest at night.
  • Peru
    • Explore the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, river raft, visit the Inca ruins, have a llama experience, and more!


For those that love history and that old-world feel Europe makes for a great destination. When your kids are a little older, especially, they will appreciate the splendor of these European countries

  • Austria and the Czech Republic
    • See many sites in the famous city of Prague, visit an ice cave, take a Waltz lesson, watch a Strudel-making demonstration and tasting, and more in these ancient cities.

Adventures by Disney

  • Denmark
    • Visit the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, visit Tivoli Gardens the second largest theme park, take a canal boat ride, and visit castles.
  • England and France
    • Visit the two most popular European destinations of London and Paris on this 8-day tour. Visit all the historical sites for each city. Add on a Disneyland Paris addition to make your trip complete.
  • France
    • Explore the beautiful country of France during this 7-day tour throughout the country. Visit Paris as well as other historical sites like Normandy and Omaha.
  • Germany
    • Visit Neuschwanstein Castle which was one of the inspirations for the Disney Cinderella Castles at the parks, and visit Berlin, Munich, and Nuremberg, as well as a traditional Hofbrauhaus for some German fare.
  • Greece
    • Visit both the inland and islands of Greece on this 10-day Greek tour. Explore ancient historical sites, surrounded by the beauty of Greece.
  • Iceland
    • Visit the famous Blue Lagoon, horseback ride, visit a glacier, go white water rafting, hike to the waterfalls and so much more. When we think of adventure, we think of Iceland.

  • Ireland
    • Explore Dublin, and the Cliffs of Moher, take in the castles and stay in one, visit an Irish farm, caves, museums, and more.
  • Italy and Switzerland
    • Zipline through the Alps, visit Lucerne, take an Italian cooking class in Lake Como, visit Swiss chocolate and cheese factories, take a train ride, and more.
  • Italy
    • Visit Rome, Tuscany, Florence, and Venice on this 8-day tour through Italy. You can also do a 3-day Rome tour, perfect for adding it as a pre or post-option with your Disney Mediterranean Cruise.

Adventures by Disney

  • Norway
    • Visit 4 different cities in Norway which is the backdrop for the Disney movie Frozen. Don’t forget to take a Norwegian Folk Dancing class!
  • Scotland
    • Visit the beautiful country of Scotland which is the home country for Merida in Brave. See some of the ancient castles, stroll through the cities of Edinburgh and Inverness, and visit the famous Highlands.
  • Spain
    • Explore Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and Marbella on this 9-day trip. You can also do a short 4-day Barcelona trip for a pre or post-Disney cruise option.

River Cruise

If you love the idea of cruising but want to see some of the interior countries in Europe, you must check out river cruising with Disney. Partnering with AMA Waterways, one of Fox Travel’s favorite river cruise companies, these cruises have much more to offer children than the standard river cruises. Your kids will love sailing through Europe, especially the Beauty and the Beast river cruise.

If you prefer to do a cruise over a river cruise option, Disney has great packages available for pre or post-cruise options in your departure or arrival port.

Adventures by Disney

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