Fall and Winter Travel Destinations

Yes… the Summer is just beginning.  Yes…. 100 degree temperatures are headed our way.  HOWEVER…..  Fall is only 98 days away!  Let’s get planning your Fall and Winter travel destinations.

Fall and Winter Travel Destinations

There is no better time to explore the U.S. and Canada than the Fall.  The (OTHER) tourists are back at work and school so places are not as crowded.  The weather is milder so you won’t have to take an air conditioner in your back pack.  The animals (think US National Parks, Alaska, and Canada) are out because they don’t have to carry an air conditioner either. This is actually a prime time to see bears, wolves, and moose in Yellowstone and the Canadian Parks.

Fall and Winter Travel Destinations

The foliage is changing to that beautiful golden color that just shouts with joy.   I know that sounds crazy and over the top but Coastal US States and Canada have to be seen in the Fall to be believed.  Cruises along the Eastern Coast – from Boston or New York – up to Maine and Canada are in full force.     Many lines like Holland America and Princess specialize in these cruises. Watch this great Princess Video to see for yourself.

Also, the early September cruises to Alaska are amazing.  This two week period finds cruise prices to Alaska for about 2/3 to ½ the cost of the same cruise in June thru August.  In addition, this is typically when the cruise lines do their low cost “re-positioning” cruises. A perfect example of this is when a cruise line moves a ship from Northern Europe to the Caribbean or the South Pacific for the Fall/Winter.  These cruises tend to be longer than 7 days, stop at fewer ports and are incredibly low priced.   They are definitely for people who want to relax, see some places that they wouldn’t normally see on a cruise – like the Azores or Greenland, and enjoy the ship as a destination.  The lines offer more culinary events, tastings, and select speakers about the exotic places that you will see.

Speaking of International travel, the Fall and Winter are perfect to see those bucket list places.  The temperatures are dropping in Canada, Europe and Asia and rising in Africa, South Pacific and South America.  There is no better time to take a European River Cruise.  The weather is perfect.  European towns are ramping up for the Holiday Markets (YES, SHOPPING!!!!).  And, the vineyards and beer festivals are prime. Germany, Holland and France are in their Glory.  Did I mention the vineyards and beer festivals?

Fall and Winter Travel Destinations

Or, perhaps you have always wanted to visit Italy or Switzerland?????   This is prime time.  The Alps are beautiful and you can take the train thru them.  In fact, September, October are perfect since it is after the Summer crowd and before the skiing crowd.  During this period most of the major shopping needs – you know, hand bags, shoes, belts, and glass wear go on sale.  No, it doesn’t include the Ferrari cars.  Oh, and you can get authentic olive oil from the groves around Positano and Naples .  Right.  I’m going for the shoes or the Ferrari cars.…… Now that we have the shoes – I mean olives – let’s stop in on Lake Como to see if there is a George Clooney sighting or in Tuscany to visit the vineyards…..

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See, I told you that the Fall and Winter are perfect for bucket list travel.  Trust me… George Clooney is STILL on my bucket list.

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