Jamaica for Happy Travels

First, let me say that “Fox Travel LOVES Jamaica.”  Fox Travel has won multiple awards from the Jamaica Tourism Board for sending the most people to this gorgeous island paradise.   But, what does this mean for you?  It means that FOX TRAVEL KNOWS JAMAICA.  We believe that the more an agent knows about a destination the easier that it is to help you plan the perfect trip.  Now, let me share some of the things that we know about this beautiful “Home of All Right.”

The Beautiful Island of Jamaica

OK, let’s deal with country logistics or the “lay of the land.”  There are 2 main airports on the island – Kingston and Montego Bay.  Kingston is the capital city of the country and most of the people who fly into this airport are on business or government trips.  It is located on the southeast corner of the island.  Montego Bay Airport is on the North and West side of the island.  Most of the island resorts are located in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, and Runaway Bay which are all on the North and West side.  This puts most of the resorts within a 2-hour shuttle drive from Montego Bay airport.  Guess which airport you should fly to?  That’s right….  Montego Bay.  Ok….let’s change this up.

Say that you are arriving on a cruise ship into Jamaica for the day.  Most cruise lines port at Montego Bay Port and Ocho Rios Port except for Royal Caribbean.  They dock at Falmouth which is between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.  This means that once again you are in that magic tourist zone of the North West part of the island.  Hmmm.   Are you seeing this pattern???   I thought so.


Next tip:  This is an English Commonwealth Country and they share many things in common with Great Britain.

1.  They drive on the left side of the road.

2.  They are trendsetters in Music. Remember, Bob Marley and Reggae.

3.  Sports competition is fierce.  Usain Bolt and Track & Field, Jamaica bobsledders, the National Soccer Team, and the latest sport’s craze – Basketball (think – Omari Johnson).

4.  Beverages.  – Twining Tea vs Blue Mountain Coffee, Guinness vs Red Stripe.  Jameson Whiskey vs Appleton Rum.

5.  Scones vs Honey Buns...  That’s right – Honey Bun is the leading manufacturer of sweet baked goods in Jamaica.

And you thought Jamaica was just about beaches.   Well, the above is just the tip of the iceberg.  You can see Dunn’s River Water Fall, hike, enjoy gourmet food (yes, they have jerk chicken.  But, there is so much more.), zip line, look for ghosts at Rose Hall Great House, or visit Ian Fleming’s home Golden Eye, which is now a luxury hotel.  You can also visit the Appleton Estate to see that Rum being made or witness the Blue Mountain Coffee being produced.  I knew you would like that one so I put it in again.


Watch this video about the Jamaica to-do list Lonely Planet and you will appreciate these even more.

But, here again, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg.  Let’s talk about how the Jamaicans love to share their beautiful country with valued guests.   It starts the minute that you get off the airplane and see all of the people being met by Club Mobay and Club Kingston greeters.  This is an experience like no other and it is an amazing value.  We encourage everyone to use this.  You are greeted and immediately whisked past customs into what looks like a giant private club.  Here you can have private drinks and food or just pass through with your luggage to your waiting transfer company.  This can all be pre-arranged and it makes the trip start so much smoother.

Next, you will be taken to your resort.  Most resorts offer premier check-in.  Many of the premium resorts like Sandals, Couples, Royalton, and Azul may even contact YOU before arrival to set up pillow choices, special dinners, spa visits, etc.  All this means that you are in your room or on the beach while others are still trying to get through customs.    Needless to say, Fox Travel can arrange all of these experiences for you.

Now, let’s get put the rubber on the road – What resort/hotel is right for me?

WELL, that depends.  That is why it is so important to use a travel agent that is familiar with a destination.  They will know what questions to ask to determine the best options.  You may also want to consider some of these questions as well.

1. Do you want an all-inclusive property (has complete food and beverage offerings included in the cost)?

2. Is it just 2 ADULTS (over 18 traveling) or will there be more members to your party?  Some hotels in Jamaica only accept male/female couples.  Some accept only 2 adults (either sex) in a room.  Some accept adults only (up to 4 in one room for either sex).

3. See this link for Vacations for Adults Only

4. See this link for Vacations for Couples

5. Some accept children under 18 with an adult in the room.  Some have adjoining hotels that are adults only in the same chain as one that allows children.  See this link for Family vacations

6. Are you spending most of your time at the resort or will you be venturing out to take lots of tours?

7. Are your dates flexible?

8. Do you like a large resort or more of an intimate boutique type?

9. Are you celebrating a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, or other events that may benefit from pre-set tours or events?  Such as our client who wanted to propose during a candlelight dinner on the beach.

10. Do you want a resort with lots of “action” or a more laid-back vibe?

11. Do you want a resort that is close to nightlife in town (Ocho Main Street, Negril, or Montego  Bay) or closer to Nature (Mystic Mountain, Dunn’s River Falls, Blue Hole Waterfall outside of Ocho Rios)?

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As you can see, the questions can get harder.    Just be confident that we know what to ask because we are big fans of this awesome island and the people who call it home.   Trust me, wherever you stay, you will want to try JERK EVERYTHING, RED STRIPE, BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE, and APPLETON RUM.  The rest is up to you.  Zip lining, hiking, and Ghosts at Rose Hall are not for everyone – but then, again, neither are Honey Buns.

10 Top Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

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