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USA ToursNorth American travel is becoming incredibly popular! And why not? We live in an amazing country! With so many natural and man-made wonders in every state, there is so much to do and see in your backyard. With many USA tours, you can take a guided tour, maximizing your time in each location. Or, if you are the “go where the wind takes you” type of traveler, the luxury of staying in your own country is being able to easily ask for directions, get local help, and not have to worry about getting stuck in a foreign country, will put your travel mind at ease. Plus, you don’t need a passport, unless you are visiting our neighbors to the north, Canada.

In this blog series, we will discuss more benefits of traveling within the USA and Canada, as well as give you some great ideas for USA tours, Canada tours, family trips, adult-only itineraries, education tours, and more! In this blog, we will be discussing Family Friendly tours!

Family Friendly USA Tours

The United States is vastly underrated when it comes to amazing travel spots. Travel within our own country is a great way to involve family, young and old. Most places will involve a short plane trip which makes it easy to travel with children. Or if you are up for more of an adventure, or if your kids are good in the car, you can have the opportunity to save some money on the flight and take a road trip! Traveling within the United States also makes for a great opportunity for Grandparents to take their Grandkids on a memorable vacation without leaving the country!

Road trips make for an excellent way to see a lot of the country and take some fun stops along the way to your destination that you might have never thought of visiting.

USA Tour Companies

A couple of our favorite USA-based tour companies for families are Tauck Bridges and Adventures by Disney. Both of these tour companies specialize in smaller groups with plenty of children present. One of our customers said that traveling with Tauck Bridges was a great way for his grandkids to play with other children while he was able to enjoy time with the other parents and grandparents. The kids were always entertained by either the itinerary, activities the tour company provided, or playing with all the other kids during downtime. We work with many different tour companies, but what makes these two unique is that they specifically cater to families, so every itinerary will have something for kids and adults making this a great family vacation everyone will enjoy. Another great reason for traveling with a tour group is all your activities and even some of your meals will be included in the trip price!

Here are some ideas of tours that we have sent our clients that they love!

  • Grand Canyon Visit the Grand Canyon – Travel with either Adventure by Disney or Tauck Bridges. Enjoy such sights as Sedona, rafting on the Colorado River, take a jeep off-roading tour, enjoy a Cowboy Cookout, do a horse or donkey ride, or enjoy a little time in Las Vegas. The minimum age for Disney is 4, and the minimum age for Tauck is 7. Pricing starts at $3769 per adult for this 8-day trip.
  • Visit San Francisco, Yosemite, and the Pacific with Tauck Bridges and see such sights as the Golden Gate Bridge, take a tram and hike Yosemite, try rock climbing, sit around a campfire, visit the famous Pebble Beach Golf Club and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The recommended age is 8+. Pricing starts at $3990 per adult for this 8-day trip.
  • Visit Montana and Yellowstone National Park with Adventures by Disney. Experience “Glamping” which is camping with all the amenities of home, Stay at a Dude Ranch and try your hand at being a cowboy, visit Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace and Old Faithful in Yellowstone, go white water rafting, and zip line through Big Sky. The minimum age is 6 and the pricing starts at $3969 per adult for this 7-day trip.
  • Wyoming Winter in Wyoming – for you brave souls that like the cold, then visit Wyoming with Adventures by Disney. Enjoy activities like Iditarod dog sled racing, visit the Granite Hot Springs, see Yellowstone in all her winter glory, and visit Old Faithful, and enjoy a sunset sleigh ride then cozy up around a campfire with hot cocoa. The minimum age is 4. Please contact Fox Travel for current pricing and dates.
  • Alaska – visit with both Tauck and Disney. See beautiful Alaska by land and visit Denali National Park, white water raft, visit glaciers, hike or bike the scenic trails, meet Alaskan wildlife, ride on a jet boat and take the train through the mountains, and learn about Iditarod dog sled racing. The minimum age for Disney is 4, or 8 for Tauck. The pricing starts at $4590 per adult for this 8-day trip.

USA On Your Own

While traveling in a group and having a set itinerary is great, sometimes you just want to explore the destination on your own. Traveling within the United States is a great place to do this because you are in your own country! Or maybe you like an itinerary, but just can’t go on the specified dates for the tours. Don’t worry, because Fox Travel can plan a complete USA tour for you! Read below for some great ideas on USA destinations to visit on your own.

  • Hawaii is a wonderful destination for all ages. Lounge on the beach and play in the warm, blue waters, Snorkel or try your hand at Scuba Diving, visit the Pearl Harbor memorial, hike the rainforest, visit an active Volcano, ATV a dormant Volcano, or Parasail above the sea. With so much to do for everyone, Hawaii makes for a great destination to do on your own. Can’t decide what island to visit? Plan a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands!
  • Alaska – I know we had Alaska as a great location to visit by land, but take a trip on your own by sea! Cruising to Alaska is the most popular way to see this great state. With many cruise lines offering many different itineraries and lengths of stay, you can have your pick. Don’t have a passport? No problem!  While many itineraries leave from Vancouver (where you would need a passport) many also do round trip Seattle or even San USA ToursFrancisco. Extend your trip with a land option through the cruise line and visit Denali National Park!
  • East or West Coast – Another great way to see the East and West Coasts is to cruise! With many cruises that will visit ports up and down both sides of our great nation, this makes for a great way to visit many cities in a short amount of time. Bonus! You only need to unpack once!

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