We’ve Been There! – Alaska Vacation

We’ve Been There!

It’s true! We have! Between the owners Donna and Jim, and all of the agents, we have traveled to over 100 different countries! You have read our blog about our experiences in Mexico, now it’s time for Alaska!

Alaska Vacation

Alaska is a bucket list destination for many people, with its untouched natural beauty, and adventures for everyone it’s not hard to imagine why. You can travel to Alaska by air, sea, or land and our agents have done it all. Read below to hear about our agent’s favorite experiences on their Alaska vacation.

Debbie’s Alaska Vacation

Alaska Vacation - Cruise

Alaska is a new place each day. From early morning fog to blue skies to rain. It is all there.

I have been to Alaska 5 times and each time it is a new adventure. From walking around in Ketchikan ( Salmon Capital of the World) to see the Salmon run and totem poles to walking the paths in Kodiak looking for bears.  In Ketchikan, I did the tour of the deadliest catch and got to see the different types of crabs and crab cages they use.

In Juneau, I found a photographer who lives in Alaska and takes great pictures and I happened to find one of his calendars in which he signed the copy. His name is Mark Kelly.

In Homer, I walked off the ship with the chef of the ship and he was off to get the best Salmon. Small place but with the best views of the mountains and sea.

Icy Point Strait, is new and very small, it used to be a fish packing place. Had the history of how they work and the 5 different types of Salmon (Chum, Sockeye, King, Pink, and Coho-known as Silver). They remember them by your hand. but I forgot Which order it is.  Learned about the Raven and all the traditions by the live show down locally while watching killer whales in the bay. A day not to forget.

In Sitka, I studied the Russian church, St Michael the Archangel, and all of its history. How things floated over and even survived fires. It also has the Castle on the Hill where the Changing of hands took place for Alaska. Walked the steps to the top.


But the best things in Alaska are the glaciers by far. What a thing to see and know how long they have been there to form such a large mass of water. The colors the shapes and the sizes are just such an awesome sight to see, you never get tired of them. Hearing them crackle and fall is amazing. Looking at them is a day you will always remember.

Tahnee’s Alaska Vacation

Alaska Vacation

I have been to Alaska only once, many years ago, but it is still one of my all-time favorite trips! I cruised to Alaska on a roundtrip Vancouver sailing with Princess Cruises.

Alaska is one of those destinations that will stay with you your whole life. The natural beauty of the clouds and fog as it moves over and through the trees, the crack from the glaciers as the ice breaks off and falls into the ocean and the immense amount of wildlife that you can see from your cruise or on an excursion is what makes Alaska so special.

I plan to take my husband and son on an Alaskan cruise once my son is a little older and can participate in some of the more active shore excursions like fishing, rafting, and snowdog sledding. Doing a pre or post-tour of Denali National Park, staying in a rustic cabin in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, and seeing the Aurora Borealis is also a bucket list item for me. For those who are looking for cabins to rent for their bucket list, they can check out the suggestions online.

Alma’s Alaska Vacation

I am a passionate “animal” person.  Therefore, Alaska is the perfect destination for me. (Obviously, the other one is Africa.) I have found that the middle of June to the middle of July is the best time for viewing all of the animal groups in Alaska.  The weather is warm enough for them to be out and about but not as hot as August can be in Alaska.  I love taking the Dome train from the cruise port to Denali so that I can see any of the animals wandering on the way and then a park ranger-guided tour of the park to get all of the encounters I can.

Sled Dogs

Also, I make certain that I take a cruise tour on one of the stops that take one to the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog training facilities.

I TOLD YA that Alaska was all about the animals for me!!!

Jim and Donna’s Alaska Vacation

Some of our favorite memories and highlights of our trips, rail travel, and cruises in Alaska include active/soft adventure thrills and chills.   Here are a few:

  1. White water rafting on a roaring river with Class 3 and Class 4 rapids
  2. Kayaking in the glacier’s bays (but not too close!)
  3. Downhill bike ride for half a day
  4. ATV rides in the hills
  5. Helicopter ride to glacier
  6. Amphibious airplane trip to salmon fishing on a Beaver aircraft
  7. Running in the beautiful scenery in Juneau, Ketchikan, Vancouver, Seattle, Skagway and Anchorage
  8. Hiking the Golden Mile which miners back in the 1850s used to reach the goldfields.
  9. Enjoying an amber ale in the perfect weather in Skagway on the main street.
  10. Seeing an entire pod of killer whales, mothers, and babies frolic for an hour beneath our balcony cabin after the captain stopped the ship to view this rare treat.

Still left to do:

Scuba diving in Ketchikan.  We were scheduled to dive one morning after docking but it rained the night before causing silt and runoff to block the view in the normal gin-clear water. We had to cancel.


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