National Travel and Tourism Week – 2020

Ross Castle, Ireland by Fox Travel Texas

In the Spirit of Travel, we want to honor YOU. Travel opens our hearts, broadens our minds, and fills our life with stories to tell.  As we make changes to our present travel plans.  Now you will have even more motivation to plan the vacation of your dreams! Dream Now Travel Later – Let’s keep…

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Cruise Now, Resort Later – Exclusive Promotion with Fox Travel

cruise now resort later

You Deserve More than Just a Cruise! Cruise Now, Resort Later All you have to do is: 1) Make a cruise deposit or 2) Make final payment or 3) Pay in full by October 31 and use ANY American Express card issued in the USA for a 7 night or longer cruise anywhere worldwide. Then,…

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Everything Old is New Again – Vacation by Train

Vacation by Train

Did your parents ever tell you to hold on to something (suit, tie, skirt, slacks, Chia Pet, Pet Rock) because it would eventually come back into style?  Who knew that they were talking about Vacation by Train?   Okay.   Maybe not. But they should have been talking about it… The hottest NEW travel is vacation by…

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Travel to Iceland- A Land Full of Contradictions

Travel to Iceland

Travel to Iceland 1.      Where can you get married on two continents … at the same time? 2.      What foreign country can you visit where just about everyone speaks English? 3.      What has a higher average low temperature than New York annually? 4.      Where can you go swimming in your bathing suit when it’s freezing?…

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What They Don’t Tell You When You Try To Book Online!

If you’re not booking with Fox Travel, you could be leaving money and benefits on the table. As a Travel Associate of American Express Travel, we are able to offer you many benefits like using your points to travel. Frequently, many travelers mistakenly believe booking on the internet offers cheaper options for vacations and cruises.…

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