Majestic Midnight Sun with Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Join Fox Travel and Regent Seven Seas Cruises for a spectacular 15-night cruise through Northern Europe summer of 2017.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Majestic Midnight Sun Itinerary

The Majestic Midnight Sun cruise starts in one of the most visited cities in the world, London, and ends in 2016 most googled travel destination, and voted the safest country to visit 6 years in a row, Reykjavik, Iceland. You will visit:Regent Seven Seas Cruises London

Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Seven Seas Explorer

The Seven Seas Explorer is a beautiful 750-passenger, luxury vessel with a staff-to-guest ratio of 1 to 1.5 guaranteed to make sure your comfort is a priority. When booking with Regent Seven Seas Cruises, you will have a true all-inclusive experience from start to finish with no additional or hidden costs once on board. The following comes included with your cruise:

  • 2 for 1 all-inclusive fares * based on availability
  • Free roundtrip business class air on international flights
  • Free roundtrip air on domestic flights
  • Free unlimited shore excursions
  • Free one-night pre-cruise hotel package
  • Free unlimited beverages, including fine wines and premium spirits
  • Free open bars and lounges plus in-suite mini-bar replenished daily
  • Free pre-paid gratuities
  • Free specialty restaurants
  • Free transfers between the airport and the ship
  • Free unlimited WiFi
  • Free 24-hour room service

We’ve Been There!

Debbie, with Fox Travel, has been to most of the locations that this cruise is visiting from London to Dublin and the ports in Iceland and Greenland. Here are Debbie’s favorite parts of Iceland and Greenland:Regent Seven Seas Cruises Debbie

Everyone should have a bucket list that is fun and adventurous. A bucket list is something that means something to you for whatever reason. Mine was going to Iceland. I did the cruise from Amsterdam to New York for 2 years in a row because of 2 places.

The first is Iceland, so much about it, it is such a special place out of the way. Their lives are different, their history is different and that means the world to them. The people love their town and enjoy all the things you can do while you are there, from seeing snow, the ocean,  black beaches, mountains, hot geysers, and even a UNESCO World Heritage site at Pinglvellir. Driving the island for the day it changes all the time. They can tell the tourist because they carry umbrellas and the wind usually takes them away or destroys them. Such a tourist thing they will say. If you are lucky you might see the Northern Lights if the weather is clear.

debbie-iceland-6The Second place that will stay in my heart forever is Greenland. I did not know much about it but it is the most beautiful place on earth that I have seen. Even the Captain of the ship said it was his 2nd best place for him after Antarctica! I spent the day mostly outside looking at large granite mountains that went down to icy blue water. With blue skies that day it was just a picture-perfect day all day long. I took so many pictures because there were so many to take. Halfway through Prince Christian Sound, the ship stopped and the Captain, cruise director, and camera crew took over pizza and chocolate cake to a small town that lives on the edge of the granite. I mean small! The people were so friendly waving to us and some even came out in little small boats to greet the ship with everyone onboard looking over and waving. The town sees about 8 ships a year and what a thrill to be on one of them. The crew of the ship took pencils paper and clothes to them that they donated. While we set on the back of the ship and watched it. That evening they showed the video to the whole ship and there was not a dry eye. The kids were so grateful for what they had and what was given to them. Makes you want to do something better with your life. All the videos were sold out on the ship. Everybody talked about it for the rest of the cruise. How can people live in a small place that will freeze over in the winter? I talk about it often to people because it means so much.

Everyone has their type of bucket list but mine changed that day in Greenland.

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