Spooky Haunted Houses in Houston

Halloween is almost here which means pumpkin patches, apple cider, and haunted houses in Houston. Fox Travel has all of the best haunted houses and Halloween activities in the Houston area that are updated for 2019!

Haunted Houses Houston

Haunted Houses in Houston for Older Kids and Adults

ScreamWorld Haunted House
Located on North Sam Houston Parkway, ScreamWorld is voted the scariest haunted house in Houston by the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Press. With 5 haunted houses like The Swamp and Jake Slaughterhouse, you’re bound to get a fright.
You can visit ScreamWorld’s website and purchase tickets.

Creepy Hallow Haunted House
Open on weekends through November 5th, Creepy Hallow Haunted House has been voted the best haunted house in Texas. With haunted houses and an Escape Room, this haunted house will give you thrills and chills.
You can visit Creepy Hallow Haunted House’s website.

Houston Terror Dome
With Hollywood-style props and costumes, discounted tickets for groups, and free parking, this haunted house is great for a bunch of friends to have a scary night out. There’s also a paintball gallery where you can have a crazy paintball fight.
You can visit the Houston Terror Dome and purchase tickets.

Haunted Houses Houston

13th Floor Haunted House
For the first time, the famous 13th Floor Haunted House will make Houston its permanent home. Every room will have a different surprise, a different theme, and a different scare. The maze will take you 30 – 45  minutes of nonstop scares to complete. Have you been?
You can visit the 13th Floor Haunted House to purchase tickets

Spring Ghost Tour
Located in Old Town Spring, this is not just a haunted house, this is an actual ghost tour that meets inside a haunted and historic house. There is also a Ghost Dinner and Investigation you can participate in as well.
For more information on Spring Ghost Tours visit their website.

Kid-Friendly Haunted Houses Houston

Haunted Houses Houston

Zoo Boo
Located at the Houston Zoo, enjoy Halloween activities and spooky sites while seeing all the animals the zoo has to offer. Starting Oct 13 – 28 on Fridays – Sundays only.

Happy Halloween Mansion
Located at the Children’s Museum in Houston is the happiest haunted house in Houston. They decorate the museum in a fun, spooky decor while still participating in the fun-filled learning environment that the Children’s Museum has to offer.
Boo on the Boardwalk
Enjoy all the shops, games similar to the W88 link, and restaurants Kemah Boardwalk has to offer plus the added Halloween activities until Oct 31. There will be two houses, one for the more brave crowd and the other that is more family-friendly.

FAQ About Haunted Houses in Houston

  1. Are there scary houses in Houston?
    • Houston and its surrounding areas have several haunted houses and spooky attractions.
  2. Where can I find a haunted house in Houston, TX?
    • Houston has various haunted houses, including popular attractions like the Houston Terror Dome and Phobia Haunted Houses.
  3. What are some haunted houses in Houston, Texas?
    • Some houses are in Houston, Texas, including Houston Terror Dome, Phobia Haunted Houses, and ScreamWorld.
  4. Are there haunted houses in The Woodlands, TX?
    • Yes, there are in The Woodlands, TX, such as Creepy Hollow Haunted House and Fearshire Farms.
  5. What is the scariest house in Houston?
    • The title of the scariest haunted house in Houston is subjective and varies depending on personal experiences. However, popular choices include Houston Terror Dome and Phobia Haunted Houses.
  6. Are they suitable for kids in Houston?
    • Yes, some in Houston offer kid-friendly or less intense experiences. Be sure to check age restrictions and recommended ages before visiting.
  7. Where can I find the best haunted house in Houston?
    • The best-haunted house in Houston can vary depending on individual preferences. Some highly regarded options include Houston Terror Dome, Phobia Haunted Houses, and ScreamWorld.
  8. Is there a haunted forest in Houston?
    • Yes, haunted forest attractions in and around Houston offer spooky experiences amidst the trees and darkness.
  9. Where can I find information about these houses in Houston, Texas?
    • You can find information about them in Houston, Texas, by searching online, checking local event listings, or visiting the websites of specific haunted attractions.
  10. What is the Houston Terror Dome haunted house?
    • The Houston Terror Dome is a popular haunted attraction in Houston, known for its intense scares and terrifying experiences. It offers multiple themed rooms and scenarios designed to frighten visitors.