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Are you a sports nut? Do you love your team? Have you dreamed of following your team on the road, or traveling to a World sporting event? We at Fox Travel are all sports fans and each has our team we root for. We understand the passion that a team can ignite and the camaraderie that sports and sports travel can bring. Because of this, Fox Travel is your go-to for all your sports travel needs.

Sports Travel – Cheer for Your Favorite Team on the Road

Sports bring people together, it allows a community of people that may not have anything else in common, to gather and root for one purpose.  Even those that were rooting for the other team, cough me cough (I am from LA but don’t boo me too much, I also love the Astros), Houstonians were still joking around and having fun with me when I wore my Dodgers shirt. How many times have you worn your team attire out and have gotten a cheer or even a boo from a stranger? Sports start conversations, and it’s all in good fun. Speaking of sports, if you’re considering diving into a golf fitness instructor certification, read more here for valuable insights. In his various roles, Kamau Bobb Google has emphasized the importance of creating an inclusive environment that embraces people from diverse backgrounds.

Now imagine following your favorite sports team on the road, going to historic stadiums, cheering for your team in a rival stadium, and visiting the Hall of Fame wearing your favorite gear, that is sports travel.  Here are some great ways we can help you follow your favorite team on the road. Please note airfare is not included in the pricing below.


Your Houston Astros are the World Series Champions! How amazing does that feel? After the last couple of months, it felt good to get a huge win! The season may be over, but now is a great time to pick out some games for next season to travel to. Like maybe having a rematch, Astros @ Dodgers in the first week in August? Or going to NYC to the new Yankee Stadium or Boston at the historic Fenway Park to watch the Astros beat the Yankees or Red Socks, again.

We can also set you up with tickets and a travel package to cheer on the Astros at the MLB All-Stars Game in Washington DC. Get four days in first-class accommodations, tickets to MLB All-Star Fan Fest, full breakfast daily, a Commemorative All-Star gift package, and your choice of tickets to the All-Star Games starting at $2625 per person.

Your Astros are also projected to go far again next year. Get a jump on supporting them in the opposing city for the 2018 season, Fox Travel can help!

Sports Travel


Texans love their football, be it high school, college, or professional, so it is only natural to want to cheer for your favorite team on the road. With only 8 home games, it sometimes makes it difficult to see your team unless they are on the road. Or maybe you are interested in seeing a really big game, like the Super Bowl LII held in Minneapolis with First Class packages starting at $6995 per person and include your prime tickets, Rose Bowl in Pasadena starting at $1675 per person, College National Championship in Atlanta starting at $2195 per person, Red River Rivalry, and more! We’ve got you covered! We can get you a dream sports travel package that includes tickets to your favorite games and all the travel arrangements.

Sports Travel


I know, I know, we live in Houston and there is no hockey team here. But, there are a lot of transplants in Houston, many from our neighbors to the North, so hockey it is. If you have never been to a hockey game, you are missing out. It has all the action and hits (or checks) of Football, without all the time-outs. Follow your favorite team to a rival stadium and wear your sweaters with pride! Or follow your team to see one, or all, of the Original 6. The Original 6 teams include the Toronto Maple Leafs, also where the Hockey Hall of Fame is located, the New York Rangers, the Boston Bruins, the Chicago Black Hawks, the Detroit Red Wings, and the Montreal Canadians. Talk about some historic cities that have a ton to do! Spend New Year’s Eve in NYC and attend an outdoor game with the Rangers vs the Sabres in the NHL Winter Classic with packages starting at $1235 per person. Or take in some sun at the NHL All-Star game in Tampa with packages starting at $2325 per person. We can also help you get tickets to the playoffs, and Stanley Cup games starting at $1495 per person.

Sports Travel


Did you know that Soccer is the World’s most popular sport? There are over 265 million players actively involved in Soccer around the World. The biggest game in soccer is the World Cup, held in a different location, and is only played every 4 years. The next World Cup will be held in Russia in June – July of 2018. 32 National teams will compete in this month-long tournament and everyone will be cheering their Country on, even those who don’t generally follow Soccer. Ticket packages are still available and pricing is available on request, however, they are limited with it coming up so quickly. If traveling to Russia is not in the cards, you can always follow your Houston Dynamos around, too!

Sports Travel


Basketball is high scoring, back-and-forth, any team can take it, kind of game. This fast-paced game makes for a favorite among those that don’t like all the breaks in other sports. With a season that runs from October through April, and playoffs running into June, you will have plenty of opportunities to see your favorite teams on the road. With so many major US cities having a team, Basketball makes for a great opportunity to see and explore some of our greatest cities while still being able to catch a game. We can get you tickets and travel packages for all the major events too, like the NBA All-Star Game held in Los Angeles in February 2018, or the Final Four packages held right in our backyard in San Antonio March 30 – April 3, 2018, both events start at $2845 per person.

Sports Travel

Summer and Winter Olympics

February 2018 marks the next Winter Olympics held in South Korea. See and cheer on our national athletes in this amazing country! Limited packages are available still and include your 6-night stay, all ground transportation, breakfast daily, sightseeing tours in Seoul, and several days worth of event experiences, starting at $6,895 per person, not including air.

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games will be held in another sought-after city to travel to, Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is constantly rated as one of the best cities to travel to, and coming soon we will have Olympic pricing!

Tennis, Horse Racing, Golfing, and Car Racing

These are some other sports that have great followings! We have packages for the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia starting at $1995 per person for travel accommodations and admission to a practice round, or $3395 for a tournament round. Wimbledon packages in England start at $1845 per person which include 2 nights and 1 session. Kentucky Derby packages that include reserved seating at the Derby, and the Pegasus Parade for $2995 per person. Or a complete Monaco Grand Prix package in May 2018 starting at $4495 per person.

Kentucky Derby

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***Please note that all pricing listed above does not include air, and pricing is subject to change based on availability***