Things to do in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic

If you’re thinking about a vacation to Punta Cana, you might want to know about things to do in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic. Choosing the Dominican Republic as your destination, there are a great variety of things to do. You can relax on spectacular beaches and experience a little or get out there and see and do as much as you have time for. Speaking of time, consider booking a couple of extra days in this magical location.


Things to do in Punta Cana by Fox Travel Texas

Stunning Punta Cana sunsets

There is every kind of water activity that you can imagine
– scuba diving, snorkeling, hookah diving, catamaran, fishing, kiteboarding, and parasailing.  Yes, I said – hookah diving.  This is the latest water craze where you are connected to an air supply aboard the boat by a long hose attached to your mask.  No heavy tank or equipment to hold you back.  With all of the ship wrecks just off of the coast, dive sports may quickly rise to the top of your list.  Speaking of ship wrecks, Dominican Republic has been the sight of many of the world’s greatest adventures since Christopher Columbus landed on the island on December 6, 1492. As you can imagine, many Spanish Galleons and other water craft are available to visit.


Things to do in Punta Cana by Fox Travel Texas

Scuba and hookah diving in Punta Cana


Speaking of ship wrecks, Dominican Republic has been the site of many of the world’s greatest adventures since Christopher Columbus landed on the island on December 6, 1492. As you can imagine, many Spanish Galleons and other water craft are available to visit.

Thanks to Christopher Columbus and his crew, much of the island still retains a Spanish flair.  Columbus’ brother, Bartholomew, built the city of Santo Domingo making it the first permanent Western European settlement in the New World. Christopher’s son, Diego, built The Alcázar de Colón in Santo Domingo as the colonial palace of the Columbus family. Now it is a museum. Santo Domingo also holds what was the first Catholic cathedral, the First University and the very first hospital in the New World.  The Columbus Lighthouse (Faro a Colón in Spanish) is a monument located in Santo Domingo in tribute to Christopher Columbus. It is said that Columbus remains are in the mausoleum. Christopher Columbus, himself, founded La Isabela which is now present day Puerto Plata.


Puerta Plata waterfall

Waterfalls, natural springs, and cenotes in the Dominican Republic


Ok.  Now you have your history fix.  What else will you do?  Well, did you know that the Dominican Republic is known as one of the biggest sources of coffee, cocoa, and baseball players in the Caribbean?   Yes, DR sends more baseball players to the BIGS than any other Caribbean Island.  Picture Adrian Beltre, Miguel Tejada, and Bartolo Colon. By the way – the Spanish rendering of “Columbus” is “Colon.”  Therefore, Bartolo may be a distant relative.

The towns of Higuey and Santo Domingo have great examples of Caribbean Baseball Parks and you may see one of the future stars of a U.S. baseball team. Also, how about this, baseball fans?  This island is the Caribbean home of the Houston Astros.  The Astros have had a presence in the Dominican Republic since 1985 when the club operated out of the Estrellas Winter League Stadium in San Pedro de Macoris. They have fielded farm teams at Ingenio Santa Fe where numerous future Major Leaguers played and at their current home in Guerra. The Astros’ current roster includes three players from the DR – Reymin Guduan, Francisco Liriano, and Francis Martes.

Now, where was I?  Oh, yes, back to the coffee and cocoa production. Just watch this video that was produced by Funjet for people who are serious coffee and cocoa drinkers. If this doesn’t inspire your “Cup of Joe” Jones, then nothing will.

And, we will turn a blind eye if you wish to add some glorious Dominican Rum like Brugal, Barcelo, or Bermudez to that caffeine.  After all, the first name of Punta Cana was Punta Borrachon which means ‘Drunken Point’   You can even visit one of their distilleries in Puerto Plata, Santiago de Los Caballeros, or San Pedro to see the process for yourself.

Did I mention that this island is for serious action junkies?  Zip Lining is a major tourist attraction in the Punta Cana area.  You can get Zip Lining by itself, Zip Lining into cenotes (water caves). Zip Lining with Zip Swinging, or Zip Lining with Horseback Riding.  The tropical jungle and beach atmosphere of the Punta Cana area are perfect for this sport.    You may also want to think about spelunking and cave diving.  There is an amazing place called Manantial de Padre Nuestro that combines both of these.  Watch the video below by The Dominican Spelunkers which will inspire you for adrenaline junkie excitement.


Monkeyland zipline tour by Vaitor

Monkeyland zipline tour by Viator


And finally, let’s talk about shopping. Would an island that produced Oscar de la Renta let you down? I think not! All of the tourist areas feature designer boutiques and the local styles. After all, where do you think that popular “off the shoulder look” originated? Here are some insider tips to shopping and all the best spots.

What are you waiting for?  Alma and the travel counselors at Fox Travel have been to the Dominican Republic and will be happy to assist you in planning your next trip to this versatile and lively island.  Call Alma or one of our other agents at 281-363-0808 Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and we will share some of our favorite things about Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic. You can also reach Alma by email at or via the form below.

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