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When you think of the best winter cruises you may be surprised to hear some of the options we have put together. When you think of winter travel, cruising doesn’t come to mind, unless you are looking to escape the chilly temperatures for warmer ones. But what if we told you there are plenty of winter cruise options to take? It’s true! Continue reading to find out what the best winter cruises are for both warm and cold temperatures.

Best Winter Cruises

Caribbean Cruises

Of course, the Caribbean made our list. It is one of the most popular destinations for best winter cruises, especially for those in Houston. We have year-round cruises right out of Galveston to choose from. The weather is mild and the waters are still pretty warm. Traveling to the Caribbean during the winter is considered a peak season. Many people from much colder northern climates want to escape the cold, and what better place to go to? The Caribbean is popular year-round, plus during the winter months, you won’t need to worry about the possibility of a hurricane.

Best Winter Cruises


Yes. You read that right, we said Antarctica. But hear us out. We know it’s really cold but it is also one of the most amazing experiences in your entire life. Antarctica is still one of the most pristine places that you can visit. Plus it won’t be that cold because it is their summer after all. Their average Summer temperatures hover around 32 degrees, but towards their peninsula, it can get as warm as 59 degrees. One of the best winter cruises that will take you on an Antarctica cruise is National Geographic/Lindblad Cruises. Because it is National Geographic you know you will learn something amazing on this cruise, plus have ample time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, and even get to hang out with a penguin or two!

Best Winter Cruises

Galapagos Islands

Speaking of getting to hang out with cute animals and learn something interesting, how about a cruise to the Galapagos Islands? One of the best winter cruises out there because not only is it their summer, so warmer temperatures, but it is also one of the most ecologically unique destinations in the world. You will get to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing animals not found anywhere else on earth except for this tiny string of islands. Plus the beaches are pretty beautiful too!

Best Winter Cruises

Disney Cruises

Going back to the Caribbean, there is one particular cruise line I wanted to mention and that is Disney. Not because we think they are a better cruise line than any others, even though they are pretty great, but because of the activities they have to offer during the winter. From November to January Disney is sailing from Galveston! These couple months alone make Disney cruises very popular with Houstonians because of its easy proximity. But did you know that 2 other cruises make Disney popular during the winter months? For the last couple of years, Disney has been offering both Star Wars and Marvel Days at Sea where you will get to immerse yourself into all things Star Wars or Marvel. It’s pretty awesome, and the kids (or adults) will love it!

Best Winter Cruises

Christmas Market River Cruise

One of Fox Travel’s favorite wintertime cruises is the Christmas Market River Cruises. While every cruise line does something special for the holidays, there is something special about visiting these Christmas Markets. With rows and rows of vendors selling everything from Christmas ornaments and toys to hot mulled wine and tasty Christmas treats, visiting these Christmas Markets will be sure to get even the most bah humbug into the holiday spirit. The most popular Christmas Markets are in Germany, but many other cities in Northern Europe are getting into the festive spirit. No matter where you visit on your cruise, it will be chilly, so bring a jacket, sip on your hot mulled wine, and snuggle up with your favorite person.

Best Winter Cruises

Australia and New Zealand

No need to bundle up for this cruise because it is Australia and New Zealand’s Summer! While New Zealand isn’t known for its warm weather, it still gets into the high 60s in December through January. So while you may not be wearing your bikini, it still will be perfect weather for sightseeing. Australia, however, will be much warmer, so be sure if you do a cruise that visits both places to pack accordingly. Fox Travel also happens to have found an amazing deal on a Princess Cruises Australia and New Zealand cruise in January that you just might be interested in!

Best Winter Cruises

Akaroa, New Zealand


I know what you are thinking. Iceland and Norway can get chilly even in their summer months! We know, but there is a good reason why both Iceland and Norway have made our list, and that is, it’s a great time of year to see the Northern Lights! Several cruise lines still make their way up to the chilly North, so be sure to dress warm. Are you worried about traveling all that way to see the Northern lights only to miss them on your vacation? The cruise line Hurtigruten has a fantastic deal going on where if you book a 12-night cruise and don’t see the Northern Lights, you will get to go over a free week cruise during the 2019-2020 winter! If that isn’t an amazing incentive, we don’t know what is.


It’s time to warm things back up again with cruises to Asia. Winter is a great time to visit Asian countries because summers can be unbearable hot and humid, and with large populations, cooler weather is the best time to visit. There are so many options for Asia cruises with both Ocean and River itineraries to choose from. And even visiting during the winter months, it’s still warm enough to go visit some of their beautiful beaches and catch a wave or two, or even go scuba diving. Some of the best dive locations in the world are located in Asia.


We mentioned going to Northern Europe, but all of Europe is pretty spectacularly dressed in their Winter Best! Visiting destinations like Dublin, London, and Paris in the winter is great because there will always be fewer crowds, but if you are lucky you might also be able to see some of the most famous tourist sites sparking in the snow! What’s great is there are still cruises, although not as many, going to these ports in winter will give you a fresh perspective on historical cities, even if you’ve already been there.

Best Winter Cruises


Speaking of visiting Europe, we wanted to put the Mediterranean in its category, because, unlike Northern Europe, the Mediterranean is not quite as cold. It still doesn’t get the amount of visitors as the Summer months, but it is perfect weather for sightseeing. Many cruises still travel to the Mediterranean during the late Fall and Winter months just for these very reasons. Plus air prices to Europe in the Winter are much lower than in the Summer.

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